• Microsoft's Blounge™ at Macworld

    I’m truly grateful to Microsoft for having a Blounge™ at Macworld. It saves me the headache of scrounging for an outlet and the seats are ultra cushy. But I feel like a caged animal on display. The jealous and annoying Macworld attendees stop and gawk and point fingers. What’s the big f*cking deal? These people need to get a life. In fact, some a-hole is peering over my shoulder… Read More

  • We're bloggin from the Blounge™

    Doug doesn’t like me. Do you see John’s socks? [photopress:IMGP4491.JPG,thumb,pp_image] That’s Devin and Matt bloggin. [photopress:IMGP4496.JPG,thumb,pp_image] That’s me and Mike. Read More