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Whoops, there was a minor (read: major) problem with that thing that makes the site go. It’s all fixed now, thanks for letting us know, everybody who wrote in. If that happens again, just scream

Vista SP1 accidentally released yesterday

Anyone get Vista SP1 via Windows Update yesterday? Apparently someone at Microsoft accidentally made the update available for a little while — can you believe it? Here’s what ZDNet’s

Wii not getting DS games, NYT screwed up multiple times

Not only did the NYT screw up Reggie’s name two times, it screwed up the whole Wii and DS game transferring as well. An article about the Nintendo DS video game system in the Dec. 31 Business Da

iLife integration on iPhone?

I’m not so sure what to make of this, but a MacDailyNews reader came across a placeholder page in the iLife guided tour section specific to the iPhone. Now there isn’t any real substantiating evid

Halo 3 Beta Extended

Giddy as a schoolgirl when you realized a Halo 3 Beta key came with Crackdown? Wet yourself when the Beta was finally released? I’m sure you did. But Beta’s usually have some problems and Halo 3 w