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C2i, a genomics SaaS product to detect traces of cancer, raises $100M Series B

If you or a loved one has ever undergone a tumor removal as part of cancer treatment, you’re likely familiar with the period of uncertainty and fear that follows. Will the cancer return, and if so,

Technology in healthcare is moving from mainframes to iPhones

New technologies are often first manifested in behemoth machines that may take up entire rooms, only to be miniaturized as the technology matures. We have witnessed this shift over the last 70 years i

Theranos gets $100 million in debt financing to carry it through 2018, with some caveats

Theranos has secured $100 million in debt financing. Yes, someone gave the blood testing company known for handing out questionable test results money. First reported by Business Insider, the company

Theranos Wellness Centers Aren’t Using “Nanotainers” At This Time

A Theranos testing center in Mesa, Arizona has informed me they are not allowed to use Theranos’ proprietary equipment to test for herpes simplex 1, the only test the FDA has so far given Thera

Theranos Disputes WSJ’s Accuracy In Report Claiming Secret $350 Million Safeway Deal

Safeway grocery stores dropped a $350 million deal with Theranos, according to the Wall Street Journal. Theranos put out a statement today disputing the Journal's report but failed once again to dispe

Theranos Takes Yet Another Swipe At WSJ Allegations In A Lengthy Statement

Theranos continued playing defense this morning with a much more in-depth post on what the company claims the news organization got wrong in two damning articles published last week. One WSJ articl

Theranos Continues Damage Control Messaging

Silicon Valley blood-test technology startup Theranos has once again responded to allegations made by the Wall Street Journal over questionable test results. Unfortunately, little of that response has

NTT prototype phone lets you play the flute, check your blood and read e-papers (video)

<img src="" /> These are some <em>very</em> early prototypes Japan's No. 1 telecommunications company NTT recently s