• SB Nation Partners With BlogTalkRadio For Its Move Into Live Podcasting

    SB Nation Partners With BlogTalkRadio For Its Move Into Live Podcasting

    BlogTalkRadio has signed a big partner to its live podcasting network — sports site SB Nation. The timing might seem interesting, since news broke today that Vox Media, the company behind SB Nation and tech news site The Verge, has raised a $40 million round led by Accel. However, SB Nation shows have actually been live on BlogTalkRadio’s site since September — they just… Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio Raises $1.9 Million

    Popular podcasting site BlogTalkRadio has raised $1.9 million in Series B funding from the Kraft Group, Howard Lindzon, Roger Ehrenberg and founder Alan Levy. BlogTalkRadio, which was founded in 2006 and allows anyone can set up a podcast or “radio talkshow” over the web using phone calls, had previously raised $4.6 million in Series A funding in 2008 led by the Kraft… Read More

  • Cinch Makes It Super Simple To Share Audio To Twitter, Facebook, And The Web

    A number of services have taken off that make it easy to share pictures via Twitter. A number of iPhone apps also build in this functionality. There are so some that do the same for video now. But audio recording has yet to really take off on the platform, and Cinch, a new service from BlogTalkRadio, hopes to change that, and extend it to Facebook and the web too. True to its name, the core… Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio Will Have A Huge Guest This Week: President Obama

    BlogTalkRadio is a popular podcasting site with about 4.5 million listeners a month. And it’s no stranger to large-scale live podcasts, as some pull in more than 20,000 listeners while they’re going on. But on Wednesday, the service is likely to see their popularity taken to the next level as none other than the President of the United States will be on a program live for the… Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio Gives Listeners A Voice With "Ask The Host"

    BlogTalkRadio, the site that allows online broadcasters to generate shows using phone calls, has introduced a new feature they call “Ask the host”. The feature allows fans listening to live shows to interact with the show’s host in real-time using VoIP and their computer’s microphone. After finding a participating live show on BlogTalkRadio’s servers, listeners… Read More

  • Launches Easy Phone-To-MP3 Tool

    New York based launched a dead simple “drop box” for files last November. The service is online storage on the back end, with a very simple/clean user interface and upload features on the front end. It is similar to and a number of other startups. Users can upload files via a Flash tool or by simply emailing files to a designated address. Files an also be uploaded via… Read More

  • BlogTalkRadio to turn bloggers into talk radio hosts

    Podcasts are fun to listen to, but they’d be even cooler if you could listen live and IM your feedback to the host in real time. The soon to launch service BlogTalkRadio will make that possible. BlogTalkRadio is targeting bloggers who want to hold a live telephone conversation with up to 5 people on a phone line at once. Anyone can listen live to the call on the phone or through… Read More