Exclusive: Bloglines Will Be Resurrected By IAC-Funded MerchantCircle

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Saying "RSS Is Dead" Is Dead, Saying "RSS Is Not Dead" Is Not — Today.

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-218654" title="d" src="" alt="" />Of all the tech echo-chamber arguments, one of my favorites has to be

Exclusive: IAC Finally Kills Off Bloglines

<img src="" class="shot2">It's finally happened. <a href="">Bloglines,</a>the troubled RSS feed reader owned by IA

Did Someone Finally Pull The Plug On Bloglines Or Is It Just Having A Bad Day?

<img src=""><a href="">Bloglines,</a> the troubled RSS feed reader, has been down for the past 24 hours. T

Bloglines On Life Support. This Story Needs An Ending

<img src="" width="215" height="199" />If you were a <a href="">Bloglines</a> user, consider yourself old school.

Bloglines Gets A Band-Aid; And We Hear It's Still For Sale

<img alt="" />Bloglines got a much needed <a href="">band-aid</a> this weekend that fixed the feed update problem that has <a href="

Destruction Of Bloglines Now Complete; Founder Prepares To Switch To Google Reader

<img src='' class="border" alt='' /> Users who hadn't already left <a href="">Bloglines</a> for Google Read

Bloglines Suffers Major Outage

RSS reader Bloglines has suffered a major outage over the weekend with the service simply ceasing to update any blogs from just before midnight PST February 24. Threads on the Bloglines forum suggest

Bloglines breaks on div tags?

This is a quick test to see if Bloglines and other RSS readers breaks on links. Dear RSS reader readers: There should be a link [between these brackets] if there isn’t then there’s somethi

Bloglines Gets A Triple Dose Of New Features

Bloglines has added three new features to its RSS reading service. First up is the ability to save posts including text and graphics from within Bloglines to a “Saved” folder. This allows

Bloglines Supports OpenID, Will Support oAuth and APML

The IAC owned Bloglines has announced a number of new and intended features today. OpenID for Bloglines accounts joins with a new version of Bloglines Mobile beta and new personalization features as b

All New Bloglines Launches in Beta

Bloglines, the grandfather of web based RSS readers, launched a new beta site this evening at Like everyone else these days, the most notable new feature is an Ajax customizable ho

iBloglines, the Deluxe Mobile Reader

Bloglines has created the “Ultimate Pro” edition of iBloglines for the iPhone audience. It’s got added functionality like a “pin” to save posts or feeds until you’r

Bloglines wants to block private feeds from search

“Everything you blog goes on your permanent record!” How many times have we heard that lately? From employment to family situations, many people have been frustrated to find out that thing

Finally! Bloglines Blog Search, which owns the most popular stand alone web based feed reader, Bloglines, has just rolled out its long awaited new blog search engine. Ask/Bloglines has been the subject of a considerable num

The State of Online Feed Readers

Syndication is undoubtedly the heartbeat of the web 2.0 movement. A feed reader, the most common solution to consuming synidcated content, saves the user time by monitoring countless sites and sources

Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

There have been numerous 2005 “best of” and 2006 “predictions” posts over the last few weeks as the year comes to an end. I’m not going to write one of those. Giving out

Three Cheers For Bloglines

I have to admit, I was hoping for the best but feared the worst as Bloglines moved over to a new data center last night. Their regular outages have enraged me in the past, although their stellar custo

Profile – NewsGator Online v. Bloglines

Editor’s Note: This is a profile of NewsGator’s online product only, not its outlook, feeddemon and other products. There is a natural tendency to view NewsGator Online in comparison to Bl

Profile: Bloglines

Company: Bloglines Location: Oakland, CA Founded: July 1, 2003 (Link) Status: Acquired by Ask Jeeves on February 8, 2005 (Link) What is it? Bloglines is a free, web based RSS reader. It’s the mo