We need to break Big Tech’s data broker industry

It is time for a new technology that will give more power to the consumer, more freedom to developers and more opportunity for innovation.

Telegram starts to look like a super app, echoing WeChat

Telegram, the popular messaging app with 800 million monthly active users worldwide, is inching closer to adopting an ecosystem strategy that is reminiscent of WeChat’s super app approach. Certa

Akowe wants to fix Africa’s broken certificate system with blockchain

The crypto industry has long been criticized for its disconnection with the real world, but there are players who try to show that the underlying blockchain technology can solve some of our most press

Blockchain Capital launches two new funds for a total of $580M

The crypto bear market may be ongoing, but Blockchain Capital is still going big. It closed two new funds for a total of $580 million, the firm’s general partner Spencer Bogart told TechCrunch. The

Former DCG, Blockchain Capital investors launch $20M early-stage fund at crypto advisory firm Reverie

After a couple years of dabbling in angel investments, crypto advisory firm Reverie is now bringing a bigger checkbook to bear. The firm is launching a flagship $20 million fund to invest in pre-seed

MobileCoin, which powers Signal’s anonymous crypto payments, appoints new CEO

MobileCoin, the startup known for building Signal’s crypto payments feature, has appointed a new CEO as it works on expanding its encrypted money transfer service to global users in need of a mo

Telegram adds self-custodial crypto wallet worldwide, excluding the US

Telegram, the popular chat app with 800 million monthly active users, is getting a self-custodial crypto wallet. The move is set to solidify its presence in the vibrant crypto community that has emerg

0xPass raises $1.8M from Balaji Srinivasan and others to build secure login systems for web3

0xPass is among the many startups trying to make crypto wallets secure and convenient for mass adoption. Specifically, it’s solving the login piece of user experience, which, at the moment, is c

Brine Fi challenges Coinbase, Binance with decentralized exchange as it nets Pantera-led $16.5M round

After the collapse of FTX, crypto traders have been looking for decentralized, non-custodial and safer ways to execute orders and store their assets. This explains why some decentralized crypto exchan

Korea Blockchain Week focused on web3 gaming, institutional involvement, investors, regulation…and more

Welcome back to Chain Reaction. To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important crypto stories delivered to your inbox every Thursday at 12 p.m. PT, subscribe here. Annyeong, or hello, f

MetaMask now allows crypto cash-out to PayPal and banks, but fees could be high

MetaMask, the world’s biggest self-custodial hot (internet-connected) wallet with over 22 million users, has added the option for users to convert cryptocurrencies into fiats like USD, as a grow

Gleen’s tech-savvy chatbot for Discord and Slack attracts Solana founder in oversubscribed round

There’s no shortage of chatbot services trying to earn a place in the myriad channels on Discord and Slack. California-based Gleen, founded by Microsoft and LinkedIn veterans, is offering its en

MPCVault’s crypto wallet for businesses hits $500M AUM in 7 months

While a plethora of products have been developed to meet the crypto needs of consumers, there are limited options designed to assist enterprises in managing digital assets. Many companies thus find th

Microsoft partners with Aptos blockchain to marry AI and web3

Microsoft announced that it is partnering with layer-1 blockchain Aptos to expand AI and web3 capabilities and trust.

Coinbase’s blockchain Base to launch to the public next week

Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain Base is officially launching its mainnet to the public on August 9, alongside its “Onchain Summer” collaboration, Jesse Pollak, lead for Base and head of protocols

SettleMint’s AI assistant aims to help web3 developers write better smart contracts

The way artificial intelligence can write software has already prompted many companies to introduce code-generating products, so it’s no surprise that SettleMint, a low-code blockchain programmi

a16z-backed Eco unveils Beam, a P2P crypto transfer service aiming to be a ‘global Venmo’

The crypto payments space is seeing a surge of activity these days as developers strive to make decentralized finance as user-friendly as web2 experiences. Eco Inc., an a16z-backed payments startup th

Avalanche Foundation to invest $50M in asset tokenization on its blockchain

The Avalanche Foundation is allocating up to $50 million to purchase tokenized assets created on its layer-1 blockchain, the company exclusively told TechCrunch. The initiative, Avalanche Vista, aims

Team behind crypto privacy protocol Manta Network is now valued at $500M

Even amid the crypto winter, some web3 companies are racking up hefty valuations. P0x Labs, the team behind Manta Network, a privacy-preserving protocol running on the Polkadot blockchain, announced t

Gnosis launches Visa card that lets you spend self-custody crypto in Europe, soon US and Hong Kong

The world of cryptocurrency has often been criticized for being exclusive, catering primarily to speculators and crypto-savvy individuals. Despite this, many advocates believe that the underlying dece
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