Vana plans to let users rent out their Reddit data to train AI

In the generative AI boom, data is the new oil. So why shouldn’t you be able to sell your own? From Big Tech firms to startups, AI makers are licensing e-books, images, videos, audio and more fr

Kiki World, a beauty brand that uses web3 for customer co-creation and ownership, raises $7M from a16z

If you think that choosing a nail polish color or which ingredients go into your face cream can’t have anything to do with blockchain, think again. Kiki World, a beauty startup launched last yea

Nine crypto VCs on why Q1 investments were so hot and how it compares to previous bull market

If the 2023 crypto venture landscape was an ice-cold pot of water, the first quarter of 2024 is the part where the bubbles start to form right before water boils, Tom Schmidt, a partner at Dragonfly C

0G Labs launches with whopping $35M pre-seed to build a modular AI blockchain

As the crypto space heats back up, so has funding for new startups. 0G Labs, a web3 infrastructure firm,” has raised $35 million in a pre-seed round, the team exclusively told TechCrunch. If $35 mil

A new web3 network is being built right now that wants to end Big Tech’s control of your data

Many of the people building web3 feel like the traditional web ecosystem has taken advantage of users and their data. While it benefits a number of businesses, data miners and even AI models, some see

Former web3 gaming founders raise $2.5M for their NFT marketplace to retain users even when there ‘isn’t money to be made’

Even though NFT sales volume is still down 88% from 2022 all-time highs (and down 38% year-to-date), Pallet Exchange is building a new type of NFT marketplace focused on user retention. And it’s doi

Solana’s price rises to $160, highest level since January 2022 as memecoin mania rises

The token behind Solana, a layer-1 blockchain that’s competitive with the Ethereum blockchain, has been through the wringer after it plummeted from a high of about $260 in late 2021 to a low aro

Blockchain startup Sei Labs creates an interesting solution to make Ethereum faster

Sei Labs, a startup co-founded by a former Robinhood engineer and a former VC from Coatue, has launched a new open sourced project that offers a novel and exciting approach to make Ethereum faster and

Ready Player One creator debuts ‘Open,’ a metaverse battle royale experience

Earlier this year, Readyverse Studios — co-founded by blockchain tech company Futureverse and Ernest Cline, the mind behind the sci-fi franchise Ready Player One — announced “The Readyve

Zama’s homomorphic encryption tech lands it $73M on a valuation of nearly $400M

Homomorphic encryption, a complex technique that uses cryptographic algorithms to keep data secure as it travels around networks and to third parties, continues to elude mass-market scalability and th

OpenSea’s partnership with Coachella is a sign that NFTs can be more than profile pictures

The NFT sector has not yet returned to the glory of its 2022 heyday, but that hasn’t stopped the evolution of the tech. For instance, OpenSea has partnered with the music and arts festival conglomer

Bitcoin hits new all-time high passing $69,000 for first time since November 2021

It’s been a busy year so far for bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and it’s only March. The digital currency hit a new all-time high for the first time since November 2

Taiko raises $37M to build web3 infrastructure for a censorship-free internet

Amid the speculation and volatility in the casino-like crypto land, there remains a subset of individuals who espouse blockchain’s potential to decentralize various aspects of human activities f

Ex-Meta employees’ Aptos tests Hong Kong’s crypto appetite

Ever since Hong Kong legalized cryptocurrency trading last June, blockchain projects from the West have been paying more attention to the Asian financial hub. Aptos, the a16z- and Tiger Global-backed

Initia raises $7.5M seed round to simplify blockchain development

It’s hard to keep track of crypto’s technical development, but one thing hasn’t changed much: blockchain applications are notoriously hard to build. This stems in part from their dec

This gaming startup tries to show ‘AI + crypto’ is not a fad

Before the world became fixated on artificial intelligence, thanks to generative AI’s advances, cryptocurrency was the darling of many investors. So when some venture capital firms started swift

SEC’s Hester Peirce still plans to push for a token ‘safe harbor’ plan

It’s been almost 3 years since SEC commissioner Hester Peirce released her updated Token Safe Harbor Proposal 2.0, but she isn’t giving up.

a16z’s Chris Dixon thinks it’s time to focus on blockchains’ use cases, not speculation

"I’m not anti-speculation, but I think it’s a question of priorities... It’s putting the cart before the horse."

Polygon Labs lays off 60 employees, about 19% of its staff, CEO says

Polygon Labs, the team focused on building the layer-2 blockchain Polygon, has laid off 60 employees, or about 19% of its staff, according to a post published Thursday by CEO Marc Boiron. The Polygon

Ethereum developer interest hit new all-time highs in 2023 despite a bear market

Last year, 2023, was especially a home run for Ethereum, which saw SDK installs increase 31% year-over year.
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