• Blockbluster Bravely Backs Blu-ray

    Aw, snap! Looks like Blu-ray is beginning to honestly win the format war. With Toshiba sucking and Sony grinning, it’s only a matter of time before the format takes over as the next-generation optical format. Now Blockbuster is choosing sides and the company seems to favor Blu-ray over HD DVD. Blockbuster just announced it would begin carrying more high-def discs in 1700 stores by mid-July. Read More

  • Arrington Hates the Netflix, Om Loves the Akimbo, What Do You Like?

    Looks like slow news day at the world of Web 2.0 blogs. Yesterday Mike broke up with Netflix — it was calling me last night asking me what to do and I was all like “Dude, move on. He’s just not into you.”— and Om is now in love with Akimbo, the video-on-demand service. Which ones do you guys use/like? [poll=9] Read More

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