• There will be a collector's edition of StarCraft II

    Blizzard just announced, via fancy e-mail, that there will, indeed, be a collector’s edition of StarCraft II, whenever it comes out. (No, Blizzard has not announced a release date yet, but says it will “soon.”) Anyhow, the collector’s edition will come with a 176-page art book, a USB thumb drive loaded with the original StarCraft and its expansion pack Brood War, a… Read More

  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta pre-invites incoming!

    Look what just showed up in my inbox! No details were mentioned, dates or anything like that, but I did submit my account to the giant database in the sky. ¬°Muy emocionante! Read More

  • Blizzard-ahoy on Amazon Gold Box deals

    Just a friendly heads-up: today is Blizzard day on Amazon Deals or whatever it’s called. You know, new deals on the hour, every hour till 9pm PT. The deals are only revealed as they go live. I’m thinking Blizzard-related keyboards and mice and the like, probably even a game or two in there. Read More

  • Man alive, the World of Warcraft economy is quite elastic!

    There are people out there who take to World of Warcraft‘s Auction House like NYU Stern graduates take to Wall Street. The Auction House, for those unawares, is a place where WoW gamers can buy and sell in-game items using in-game currency. It can be incredibly complicated, and there are entire guides dedicated to “playing” the Auction House in order to make money. Read More

  • Yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year

    It’s earnings call season, and while no news is more shocking than the fact that WWE will drop the Survivor Series, there’s something for World of Warcraft fans. And, really, who isn’t a fan of World of Warcraft. Anyhow, yeah, Cataclysm will come out this year. We’ve (and by “we” I mean the WoW community) pretty much assumed as much since the expansion was… Read More

  • Let's talk about the World of Warcraft: Official Magazine for a bit

    You’ll recall that, a few months ago, we mentioned that Blizzard, in collaboration with Future (the publisher responsible for Edge in the UK, among other magazines), would be creating a World of Warcraft-themed magazine. It’s called World of Warcraft: Official Magazine and I just received the very first issue, Winter 2009. From a visual standpoint, the magazine is gorgeous. Read More

  • SteelSeries announces StarCraft 2 keyset, March of the Scourge mouse pad

    SteelSeries continues to work that IP license with Blizzard by announcing two new products aimed directly at gamers: a Zboard StarCraft 2 keyset, and a World of Warcraft: March of the Scourge mouse pad. Read More

  • Blizz helps bust WoW playing drug dealer

    You can run, but you can’t hide (in cyberspace). In one of the strangest stories of 2009, it’s been reported that Blizzard worked with law enforcement to help catch a drug dealer. Read More

  • No, Blizzard doesn't hate your console, leaves open the possibility of developing console games

    Oh, look, I’m taking a single remark from a lengthy interview and making an entire post about it. It concerns Blizzard, the famed developer of World of Warcraft and Diablo. You may think of Blizzard as a PC developer, but that ignores games like The Lost Vikings. Anyhow, Blizzard has said in an interview with Gamasutra, which always does good stuff, that it is not averse to making a… Read More

  • Oh boy: World of Warcraft Patch 3.3 goes live today

    Tuesdays usually stink for World of Warcraft. The servers go down early in the morning for maintenance, and then stay down well after the scheduled time more often than you’d care to see. Today doesn’t stink, since Patch 3.3 is indeed dropping. I cannot wait to leave the terribly fancy TC/CG office, get home, fire up the game, then PUG till the sun comes up. Read More

  • Celebrating 5 years of World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft turns 5-years-old today. Back on November 23, 2004, a year before the current generation of video game systems even began (with the launch of the Xbox 360), Blizzard released the massively multi-player online game at a time when massively multi-player online games were still largely the haunt of hardcore gamers, people with fast Internet connections who were willing to pay… Read More

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