Maker Studios Culls Content On Blip’s Video Platform

A lot of online video platforms have disappeared <a target="_blank" href="">over the years</a>. Now it l

Maker Studios In Deal To Buy Blip As It Works To Reach More Screens

YouTube multichannel network Maker Studios has agreed in principle to acquire long-running video distribution network Blip. While it hasn't closed yet and there are a number of issues to be worked out

Web TV Network Raises $10.1 Million More From Canaan And Bain

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Online TV network <a href=""></a> today announced the closing of its third round of institut

Blip gets reverse-engineered. Proves that the computer was cheating.

Hand-held electronics are marvels of miniaturization. The ones that existed before I was born, even more so. Anyone who played Blip might be interested to know two things. First, despite being titled

Trends in rich media consumption and delivery

Here’s an interesting Q and A session with a panel of experts in the rich media industry — mostly online video – that took place last Tuesday at the Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum

Twitter for Music

Twitter is an efficient technology for spreading and harvesting concise ideas. Unfortunately, it’s not so great for sharing rich media. Want to broadcast a video? You’ll have to settle for