• Trouble Ahead For

    In an honest blog post, music recommendation and streaming service (which we likened to a Twitter for music when it launched almost exactly one year ago), CEO Jeff Yasuda has indicated that the startup is going through a rough phase right now that has forced it to make some fairly painful changes to their service. The blog post, titled ‘Navigating the storm’, speaks… Read More

  • How To Make Twitter Sound Like Music To Your Ears

    People generally love sharing things, and Twitter has made broadcasting updates to anyone who cares to care on what you’re doing, wearing, reading, commenting on, eating, using, etc. a breeze; in 140 characters or less, even. It’s only natural to see so many users also share which music they are listening to at any given moment on Twitter, as this has been a fairly popular use… Read More

  • Hits Deadpool, Spin-Off Alive And Well

    Until today, we weren’t even aware of the fact that San Francisco startup Fuzz operated a social network / music discovery destination website besides its (awesome) spin-off, the “Twitter for music“. We only found out about that now that we’ve learned that the service,, will apparently cease to exist shortly. Here’s the notice, which can be found… Read More

  • Boombox Brings's Streaming Music Catalog To The iPhone

    While we await an official iPhone app for the awesomeness that is (they’re working on it), iPhone development house Gorloch Interactive has created a music discovery application called Boombox that utilizes the API that lets you stream its vast catalog of music tracks from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Boombox sports a design reminiscent of the classic 80s boomboxes (check… Read More

  •, The "Twitter for Music", Gets Its Own API

    When Fuzz launched a microblogging service for music aficionados called last May, no one in the company expected it to rise above the status of an experiment. But before long,’s traffic began to eclipse that of Fuzz’s main site, which provides an altogether different service for bands that want to cultivate their fan base. Fuzz’s attention has now turned… Read More