• An Unlikely Tech Hub, Utah Shows Its YouTube Prowess

    An Unlikely Tech Hub, Utah Shows Its YouTube Prowess

    Editor’s note: Jesse Stay is Author of Google+ Marketing For Dummies and the upcoming book, I’m on Facebook — Now What??? 2nd Edition. He currently serves as Director of Social Media for Deseret Digital Media. Follow him on Twitter @jesse. They call themselves “Utubers.” As budding filmmakers descend on Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, many other… Read More

  • When Memes Collide: Will Old Spice Blend?

    I’m positive you know about the “will it blend” meme, a viral marketing campaign / infomercial series for a line of blenders starring Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec. I’m also quite positive you know about the amusing commercials and brilliant online marketing campaigns centered around the Old Spice Man. Well, for your Tuesday entertainment, here’s what… Read More

  • Will The iPad Blend? Well, Yes.

    Tom Dickson, founder of Blendtec, did it again. As part of the ‘Will It Blend?’ series of infomercials for the brand of blenders, Dickson massacred an iPad and put it into one of his Total Blender machines. Then he pressed the ‘on’ button. Read More

  • Will It Blend: Another series that's jumped the shark We get the point, Blendtec. You have a kickass blender that blends just about everything we fawn over these days. Of course your blender is going to obliterate a copy of GTA IV. Get over it and think of something new. Read More