Ex-Apple team creates BlenderCap, a delightfully over-engineered portable blender

Packing battery tech nobody uses in consumer devices and a half-horsepower motor, BlenderCap is one of the most ludicrously over-engineered products we’ve seen in a hot minute. At CES in Las Veg

The internet of smoothies has arrived

I try not to quote directly from press releases as a rule, but sometimes a line like, “NutriBullet has taken the art of smoothie making to the next level” jumps out and you can’t really avoid it

The iPhone 5 Faces Off Against The Samsung Galaxy S III In The Most Important Arena – The Blender

It's definitely on between Samsung and Apple, with the two are battling it out in consumer hearts, courts around the world, and in supply chain arrangements. But now, the company's two flagship smartp

Review: Black and Decker 10-speed Cyclone blender

Like my review of the Juiceman, Jr., the Black and Decker 10-speed Cyclone Blender caused me to move beyond my staple meals of ramen noodles, chicken wings, and beer.  I spent time in parts of the gr

The iPhone Will Blend In A Blender

You can put a lot of things in a blender, but nothing is more satisfying then putting a brand new iPhone in a blender. As you see here, some America’s Most Wanted-esque man throws the ‘Jes