Acorns co-founder nabs another $5 million for Blast, a startup that saves while you game

“It just started as a grand experiment,” says Walter Cruttenden, the serial fintech entrepreneur, of his latest foray into the world of low finance. “Let’s see if we can reach

A Quick Update On The Samsung Blast

Hey everyone! I’m in Orlando on vacation, so I’m keeping this post brief. Last week I reviewed the Samsung Blast and hated on the keypad for having a layout similar to the Blackberry Pearl

T-Mobile Samsung Blast Reviewed

Pretty on the outside like a fresh Apple mixed with tar Samsung has come a long way since it started manufacturing cellphones. Over the past two years, I’ve seen a lot of great phones appear wit

Hands On With The Samung (Blasty) Blast

The Samsung Blast is available on T-Mobile as of today, but in case you’re stuck at work or you don’t feel like going to the T-Mo store here’s a little photo gallery we’ve made

Samsung Blast Now Available For T-Mobile

T-Mobile may not have the iPhone, but it certainly has a decent selection of other great phones. Coming to the lineup today is the Samsung Blast, a slider with some impressive features that won’