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Amazon Prime Video announces live-action ‘Blade Runner’ limited TV series

“Blade Runner” is getting its own limited series on Prime Video. Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch that the streaming service announced today it greenlit “Blade Runner 2099,” the

BMW’s EV concept gets Blade Runner-style sound

BMW Vision M NEXT, the electric vehicle concept that had its world debut June 25, won’t be in showrooms anytime soon, if ever. But let’s hope the sound of the vehicle, which was created by

‘Blade Runner 2049’ doesn’t quite match the original, but that’s okay

If there’s a classic science fiction movie that absolutely doesn’t need a sequel, it’s Blade Runner. After all, how could a second film improve on the original’s depiction of f

‘Blade Runner 2049’ is the sequel we didn’t know we wanted

If you haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049’s new trailer yet, get ready to become really excited about the upcoming movie. I didn’t know much about Blade Runner’s sequel except that they were makin

Get Ready For Blade Runner Sequels!

<img src="" />Here, allow me to ruin your Thursday for you: the production company behind such films as The Blind Side and The Book

Building the Blade Runner "Hades" Landscape

Remember when special effects were hard? Douglas Trumbull certainly does. Douglas designed many of the miniature sets for Blade Runner and his descriptions of how he built one of the most amazing sci-

The Google Phone identifies as an early replicant

The Gruber brings us this bit of news: the new GPhone identifies as Nexus One in browsing logs. Five points to anyone who can remember what the Nexus models were?

The Crysis engine does a pretty good job of rendering Blade Runner

<img src="" />This is a scene from the movie <i>Blade Runner</i> rendered using CryENGINE 2, the game engine that powers <i>Crysis</i>.

15 real world Blade Runner buildings

Blade Runner, the just-OK movie we’ve been led to believe is amazing, is set in a terribly oppressive Los Angeles (redundant?), where it’s always raining and it’s always nighttime. T

It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?

BBG’s Joel Johnson got a few hours with Syd Mead, the designer of the Spinner car in Blade Runner. Mead received a Lego model of his car at a design summit in Billund and he let Joel play with i

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: "Blade Runner: Final Cut"

Check the calendar, last-minute Christmas shopper. You’ve only four days (if you count today) till D-Day, so here’s a gift that should be easy to find at pretty much any retailer: “B