BlackJet, The Uber Of Private Jets, Releases Its iPhone App

Want to book a private jet but are away from your keyboard? No worries! <a target="_blank" href="">BlackJet</a>'s got you covered! The startup, which hopes to make non-commerc

BlackJet, Your Own Private Airline, Adds San Francisco And Las Vegas As Destinations

BlackJet, which we’ve described as the “Uber for private jets,” has announced San Francisco and Las Vegas as two new destinations. The company was founded by Garrett Camp, the co-fo

Uber Co-Founder Garrett Camp Launches BlackJet, The “Uber For Private Jets”

Uber for the home. Uber for car washes. Uber for this, Uber for that. And now there’s an Uber for private jets. Difference is, this “Uber for… ” is actually backed by an Uber co-founder. And o