Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack: Watch Dealer Usually Wins

<img src="">A new video just released by Christophe Claret finally shows the entire upcoming 21 Blackjack watch - and it

And the BlackJack II Winner is…

[svgallery name=”blackjackers”] Wow. How refreshing. After two years of incessant harangues and angry emails, it’s nice to see people smiling when they think of CrunchGear. As you re

Contest: Beg and plead, ladies

CrunchGear, I’m afraid, wants to steal your honey like it stole your bike. To that end, we’re encouraging you to submit a snap of your sig. other/sister/mom/grandma/the woman in marketing/

Leap year patch for BlackJacks, ACE WinMo phones now out

[photopress:samsung_home_screen_calendar_right.jpg,full,center] Windows Mobile 6 users on certain devices may have noticed that their homescreen calendars didn’t automatically sync up with that

Samsung ACE released: Like the Blackjack only with a SIM card… wait

Not content to corner the market in world-changing Nextel phones, Sprint has got its greasy paws on the Samsung ACE, a rebranded — and improved — Blackjack with EV-DO and a separate SIM ca

WinMo 6 upgrade for BlackJack out today

Time to upgrade that dinosaur of an OS on your Samsung BlackJack to a less than tolerable version 6. That’s right, today at 5PM EST you’ll be able download the official upgrade, but don&#8

Samsung Sammy unboxes the Blackjack II

[youtube] Sammy, the “internal Samsung mascot,” enlists two lovely ladies to help him unbox the Blackjack II, available from AT&T.

A note on the rumored Blackjack recall

Attention, Blackjack owners: If your favorite smartphone (the Blackjack, natch) has been experiencing odd dropped calls for no apparent reason, and you’ve been cursing up a storm to AT&T, yo

Help-Key: How To Rock a Dope Phone That's Not an iPhone

It may surprise some of you to read this, especially from me, but I must say it: Not everyone is going to need an iPhone. Sure, I’m stoked as anyone to get my hands on one, but I’m not sol

Blackjack WinMo6 Update In June

Rumor has it that Cingular is pushing out Blackjack updates in June which will allow Samsung’s slim smartphone to run Windows Live and all the other goodies that WinMo 6 has to offer. I’ve

BlackJack Contender Primed for Market, Adds WiFi, Looks

Those ninjas at UBiQUIo have a new phone that looks to be aimed squarely at the BlackJack from Samsung. The QWERTY-enabled 503G shares not only the form factor of the BlackJack, but also many features

Vaja Balance Wraps Your Blackjack In Leather

David Ciccone at Mobility Today got his grubby paws on the new Vaja Balance fitted case for the Samsung Blackjack. Vaja is known for their customizable cases so you can pretty much get them in any col

CrunchDeal: Samsung Blackjack for $99

is just outside the price range most of us are willing to spend on something we don’t truly need. Take heart, casual smartphone wannabe, as we’ve uncovered a deal for you. Right now, if yo

Blackjack Now Shipping with Extended Battery?

We just received a tip that Samsung Blackjack’s are now shipping with both a regular battery and an extended battery. I sent an email to Samsung PR and they were unable to confirm this, but acco

Samsung SCH i760: Blackjack ][

Got some hands-on time with the SCH i760, the Blackjack Deux, with an external keypad and fold out QWERTY keyboard. It’s probably coming out on Verizon, although the kids at Samsung weren’

Samsung Must Love Grey's Anatomy

Because it looks like they plastered Grey’s star Katherine Heigl with a Blackjack all over the place. Not that it’s a bad thing. …and yes, I love me some Grey’s Anatomy.

SlingPlayer Mobile Now Friendly with Blackjack, Dash

SlingMedia let drop today SlingPlayer Mobile for Smartphones (v1.0.5) and for PocketPC (v1.1). In addition to several bug fixes and tweaksm the smartphone edition features support for the Samsung Blac

Blackjack Battery Update

Rejoice! Our pal David Ciccone wrote in to tell us that Samsung has dropped a new and improved battery for the Blackjack. It ups the power from 1200mAh to 1800mAh. If you’ll recall, the battery

Reader Response Update

There is almost exactly two hours until we give away the Samsung Blackjack. You all have been commenting furiously and for that I commend you. But that doesn’t mean you should slack off now. The

M2 Convert Winners: Day 02

Argh. Sorry for the delay in announcing these, everyone. We’ve been having some technical difficulties and I wanted to give people the night to respond on yesterday’s pieces. I’ve go
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