• Headphone rack for your HP Blackbird system

    I’m not going to lie to you. I raised an eyebrow at this when I heard about it, but now I see that a headphone rack on your case would actually be quite handy. The only impractical thing about this particular one is that it only fits on HP’s Blackbird. That’s one way to limit your market; the Blackbird doesn’t appear to be on sale any more, and HP invites you to call… Read More

  • Race And The Web: Going After Niche Markets Or Practicing Digital Segregation?

    This is a guest post by Angela Benton, Founder & Publisher of Black Web 2.0, a site that covers the internet industry from an African-American perspective. It was co-written by Black Web 2.0 General Manager Markus Robinson. The release of Blackbird, an African American focused web browser sparked quite a bit of controversy this past week. The TechCrunch post about it elicited reactions… Read More

  • Blackbird Is A Custom Browser For African Americans Built On Top Of Mozilla

    Blackbird is a new browser built on top of Mozilla technology that is supposed to make it easier for African Americans to discover relevant content on the web and to interact with other members of the African American community online by sharing stories, news, comments and videos via the browser. The browser displays a pre-set news ticker on top, pulls in news content from Google News that… Read More

  • HP Blackbird 02 to sport dual GeForce 280s. In other news, give me a break

    When the 9800GX2 cropped up, I thought, “That’s ridiculous. Who could possibly need that much power?” Yet now NVIDIA has eclipsed its dual-card beast with a single next-generation wonder, and people are already asking for two of those. HP’s Blackbird 02 gaming computer recently got refreshed, but no one saw this coming. Configurate here.
    [via UberGizmo] Read More

  • HP's Blackbird 002 gets refresh, e-tailer availability

    HP’s stunningly good-looking and high-powered Blackbird 002 gaming PC is getting its availability expanded. I have no trouble recommending the configuration they have for retailers: a Core2 Quad 9450, 4 gigs of RAM, an nForce SLI mobo and dual 9800 GTs. It’s only got one 500GB HDD, though, and onboard sound, which is surprising considering the setup costs $3300. As usual with… Read More

  • Voodoo's vanity case is the shiniest of them all

    The Voodoo booth was an orgy of exposed PCB, flashy accessories, and some guy with dreds up in a topknot. And rotating in a glass case was this gold thing, which really just seems incredibly impractical, but still awesome. The Blackbird ran Unreal Tournament 3 beautifully, and I killed some fools who thought they could rumble with this. Now, if I were rich, I would buy these products, but I… Read More