Headphone rack for your HP Blackbird system

<img src="" />I'm not going to lie to you. I raised an eyebrow at this when I heard about it, but now I see that a headphone rack on your ca

Race And The Web: Going After Niche Markets Or Practicing Digital Segregation?

<img src="" alt="" /><em>This is a guest post by Angela Benton, Founder & Publisher of <a href="">B

Blackbird Is A Custom Browser For African Americans Built On Top Of Mozilla

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Blackbird</a> is a new browser built on top of Mozilla techno

HP Blackbird 02 to sport dual GeForce 280s. In other news, give me a break

When the 9800GX2 cropped up, I thought, “That’s ridiculous. Who could possibly need that much power?” Yet now NVIDIA has eclipsed its dual-card beast with a single next-generation wo

HP's Blackbird 002 gets refresh, e-tailer availability

HP’s stunningly good-looking and high-powered Blackbird 002 gaming PC is getting its availability expanded. I have no trouble recommending the configuration they have for retailers: a Core2 Quad

Voodoo's vanity case is the shiniest of them all

The Voodoo booth was an orgy of exposed PCB, flashy accessories, and some guy with dreds up in a topknot. And rotating in a glass case was this gold thing, which really just seems incredibly impractic