• The iFund Has Competition: $150 Million Blackberry Fund To Be Announced Soon

    The platform wars are going mobile. Whether it’s the iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile, the mobile platform that will win in the end will be the one with the best and broadest collection of applications. To give developers a little extra financial motivation, funds are being set up to invest in them. Google announced a $10 million Android challenge back in November… Read More

  • Hands on with Verizon Curve

    By now we’ve beaten the Curve into the ground but that doesn’t mean Verizon can’t try their hand at selling it. The 8330 on Da Big V has VZ Navigator, BroadbandAccess, and a 2 megapixel camera with flash. Thrill to Mobility Today’s rousing video review. Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 to be officially announced on Monday

    Word on the street is that RIM’s new BlackBerry 9000 will be officially announced at the WES conference in Orlando next Monday, May 12th. It’s 100% confirmed, according to BGR. RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis will apparently take the stage and announce it himself. Afterwards, conference-goers will be able to try the device out at the various booths. No word on whether or not refreshments… Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 video overview, looks nice

    Following up on’s covereage of the upcoming BlackBerry 9000 from a few days ago, we now have some video footage of the 9000 in action. Looks pretty slick, no? The 480×320 screen seems nice and the OS looks like it’s responsive. via Gizmodo Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve for Verizon shows up early, cheaper

    I was told it would be available on the 9th, which was I told you the other day, but it looks like Verizon decided to let it loose a couple days early. It’s also cheaper than expected. It’s $220 with a $100 online rebate, but there’s also a $50 mail-in rebate bringing the grand total to $170. That’s not as cheap as AT&T’s current deal of $99, but… Read More

  • BlackBerry Niagara has a twin

    Looks like the BlackBerry Niagara is one of two devices with the similar facades. The Niagara is the EV-DO version that’s slated to hit Verizon a year from now and there’s also a 2.5G version dubbed Javelin. Seems pointless to keep making 2.5G devices since T-Mobile’s 3G network should be in full swing by 2009. Specs for both after the jump. Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 reviewed

    A few weeks back someone unloaded a few BlackBerry 9000 devices on eBay and everyone assumed they were fake except a few people. Kevin over at was not one of them. He dropped, roughly, $828 based on a few pictures and the belief that not everyone on eBay is a complete scumball. He got lucky and here’s a brief synopsis of what he found. Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve hitting Verizon May 9, in stores May 12

    Just a quick note for Verizon Wireless subscribers itching to get their hands on the BlackBerry Curve. The 8330 that was announced at CTIA will be available on May 9 on the Internet and in Verizon Wireless business channels; May 12 in all Verizon Wireless Communications stores. It will retail for $269.99 after a $50 rebate. Read More

  • BlackBerry Niagara: Like the 9000 without 3G

    BGR didn’t divulge too much information on the Niagara other than the fact that it will be 3G-less, which stinks considering AT&T’s network has been up and running for quite a while and T-Mobile just commenced rolling out of their UMTS network. It appears to be a frumpier version of the 9000 aka Storm. Read More

  • T-Mobile to get BlackBerry KickStart in September?

    So the clamshell BlackBerry from RIM that surfaced the other day is getting spec’d out thanks to BGR. The KickStart will be quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. Following the Pearl’s example, the KickStart will be available in a variety of anodized colors. I don’t know, clamshells could be making a comeback. I kind of dig this one regardless of the… Read More

  • Blackberry Storm to kill iPhone

    RIM’s new touchscreen phone (technically the 9000), now called the Storm, is lined up to kill the iPhone the same way you can kill Dracula in Castlevania — you know he’s just going to come back in the next game. RIM registered in 2007 and then grabbed the rest of the domains in 2008. RIM has been taking all sorts of interviews lately, stopping short of… Read More

  • CrackBerry: Ten reasons the iPhone isn't a Blackberry

    Blackberry users, like our own Peter Ha, are a crazy, insane, disturbed, deranged, and unbalanced set of psychos. They love their wittle-bitty smartphones to death, literally. My downstairs neighbor just retired his third in a year. And you know they hate the iPhone. So much, that the people at came up with ten reasons why the iPhone isn’t the Blackberry. Curiously absent… Read More

  • BlackBerry Kickstart: RIM's first clamshell

    The rumors are true, RIM does have a clamshell BlackBerry and it’s said to be coming soon. Most likely by the end of the year. The Kickstart as it’s being dubbed at the moment has a SureType keyboard, external LCD and has the same trackball we’ve all come to love or loathe. I don’t know about this one. I’m not that big a fan of clamshells, but it is a BlackBerry. Read More

  • BlackBerry 9000 internal docs show off new UI

    Someone, or something, has leaked a BlackBerry’s 9000 internal spec sheet to BGR . (These controlled “leaks” are part of how RIM does business, you know.) It’s more or less a complete overview of the newly designed user interface. Pictured here, a few shots of some of the new themes. Church. The BlackBerry 9000 is supposed to be RIM’s “answer” to… Read More

  • Sprint BlackBerry Curve appears in Best Buy ad

    The BlackBerry Curve 8330 has shown up in Best Buy’s May Mobile Buyer’s Guide for $199 with a two-year contract and service plan under $60 per month or $179 with a two-year contract and service plan over $60 per month. Existing Sprint customers looking to upgrade can get the Curve for $229.99 if they’ve fulfilled an existing two-year contract. Otherwise the regular price is… Read More

  • Should RIM bother to target BlackBerry at consumers?

    RIM may have a bit of a problem on its hands, says today’s New York Times. The BlackBerry manufacturer, it seems, doesn’t know which segment of the smartphone market to cater to: the Wall Street crowd or the everyday consumer, both of which have very different demands from each other. While the typical business executive couldn’t give a damn if his or her BlackBerry comes… Read More

  • AT&T delaying launch of 3G BlackBerry, loves the iPhone too much

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Looks like AT&T may be delaying the launch of RIM’s 3G BlackBerry in favor of the 3G iPhone that’s probably going to launch at WWDC in June. But that’s pure speculation at this point. There does seem to be a valid reason as to why the BlackBerry 8900 aka Meteor is being delayed till August and that’s due to concerns over… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve hits Alltel

    Is it just me or is Alltel getting a decent amount of cool devices lately? The latest device to hit Alltel store shelves is a titanium-colored BlackBerry Curve 8330. This one is akin to the Curve available on AT&T because it lacks Wi-Fi, but has GPS. A new 2-year contract will fetch the Curve at $230 starting May 1, but you can pre-order now. Read More

  • Review: Blackberry Pearl 8120 from T-Mobile

    Here we go again: another Blackberry product with UMA from T-Mobile. If you travel at all, you need UMA on T-Mobile. Straight up. Say what you want about your Samsung Ace with SIM card slot. That’s weak sauce compared to a phone that works at any hotspot worldwide. The 8120 is an updated Pearl with improved keyboard and Hotspot@Home support. Hotspot@Home is a $10/month service that… Read More

  • BFF call for help: Cool Blackberry apps?

    Ryan writes: I’ve posted a lot of comments regarding my fanboydom towards the blackberry. Other than the large amount of MAPI calls made to an exchange server I see nothing wrong with a blackberry on a BES for any business user, technical or non technical. That being said I’m once again carrying a crackberry after two years with a Q, I’m very excited about it and am totes… Read More