blackberry storm

  • BlackBerry Storm pricing and release date revealed?

    If we piece together a couple of Verizon sources, the BlackBerry Storm will launch on November 17, 2008 for $219 with a two-year contract. None of this is of course confirmed through VZW, but it seems to fit the timetable and price point. Verizon needs to get this BlackBerry out before the holidays as some suits will want to treat themselves to a new CrackBerry as a stocking stuffer. Plus… Read More

  • Would you get a tattoo to win a BlackBerry?

    Look, I like BlackBerries just as much as the next guy, but this is beyond fanboyism. This is just plain stupid. TJ from Toledo, OH, fails to realize (maybe) that his tattoo, which probably cost him anywhere from $200-$400, is way more than what the Storm will likely retail for. Is the Storm so great that you couldn’t wait a couple weeks and possibly save a couple Benjamins? Kudos to… Read More

  • You can pre-order the BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy for $50

    Get thee to Best Buy as soon as possible if you want to pre-order a BlackBerry Storm, which, as we all know, is the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen. A crisp $50 bill and a smile is all that’s required to pre-order this, Verizon Wireless’ “we’re cool, too!” device. There’s the small issue of not knowing exactly what the final price will be when… Read More

  • Let's speculate about the price of the BlackBerry Storm

    We still don’t know one very important thing about the BlackBerry Storm: how much is the thing gonna cost? Vodafone, which carries the Storm in the UK, may have just provided us a few hints. Pricing plans for the phone have leaked, and the phone itself goes as low as €49 ($62) with the most expensive monthly plan. That brings us to Verizon Wireless, which, you’ll remember, is a… Read More

  • Wherein we speculate why the BlackBerry Storm doesn't have Wi-Fi

    Why is it that the BlackBerry Storm doesn’t have Wi-Fi? If you believe BoyGenius—and how could you not!—it’s because Verizon Wireless doesn’t want it to have Wi-Fi. That’s a fine conspiracy theory, yes, but consider the following: • Name one CDMA BlackBerry with built-in Wi-Fi. You can’t. • Doesn’t VZW require you to have a BlackBerry… Read More

  • RIM shot: A hands-on of the BlackBerry Storm

    Our amigos at Gizmodo have a hands-on with a Verizon Wireless-branded BlackBerry Storm, and it’s gotta be in the top 100 most interesting things you’ll see all day. To be fair, the phone at least looks halfway decent. Giz’s Buchanan notes a feature that will no doubt annoy several would-be Storm owners. Unlike how on the iPhone you can sorta “glide” from letter… Read More

  • Promo BlackBerry Storm video

    The ninja was right. Why RIM felt the need to go out and make an iPhone competitor is beyond me. via CrackBerry Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm dummy models showing up in Verizon stores

    CrackBerry Forum user BBerry. got a little playtime with a Storm dummy tonight at VZW store and here’s what he had to say about it: I was at the verizon store and me and my dad were talking about upcoming phones and we were talking about the touch diamond & when the verizon guy shows us this thunder dummy he had laying around so i got to mess with it and boy is it heavyy, but the… Read More

  • Purported ninja reviews HTC Touch Pro, LG Lotus, BlackBerry Storm

    Uh oh, the Brew Ninja doesn’t like RIM’s BlackBerry Storm. Skip ahead to the 2:50 mark. Good thing Verizon is getting this device. Read More