Blackberry Bold

BlackBerry Bold 9780 now available from T-mobile

Ok crackheads, that BlackBerry Bold 9780 you’ve been eyeing off since July is now finally available in the US from T-mobile. Available in Black or White, and running BBOS 6.0, the device will co

100% Proof From Tawkon: Death Grip Impacts iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold & Nexus One (Video)

<img src=""> Remember how back during the <a href="

Howard Stern chooses the BlackBerry Bold over the Palm Pre (for now)

<img src="" />Oh my God, call the president! Howard Stern, who was given a private, sneak peak of the Palm Pre, has instead decided to

AT&T: Refurbished BlackBerry Bold for free with new contract (today only)

Refurbished, schmeburbished. Pick up a free BlackBerry Bold and slap the $5-per-month insurance on it if the idea of not having a brand new phone makes you queasy. The phone normally runs for $299 new

CrunchDeals: BlackBerry Bold for Free

I’ve never purchased a phone from an online retailer before, so I’m a bit skeptical of this screaming deal over at Letstalk, but if $300 is too steep a price to pay for the Bold (review) t

Review: BlackBerry Bold for AT&T

How can I put into words how I feel about the BlackBerry Bold? In short: I love it and never ever want to let it go, ever. For any BlackBerry user/fan the Bold is everything you’ve wanted and expect

Unboxing: BlackBerry Bold

It’s been a long time coming and while the rest of the world has had the Bold for months, those of us crackberry heads will finally get it on the 4th of November. We were lucky enough to snag on

BlackBerry Bold margins appear to be huge

According to iSuppli the BlackBerry Bold has a BOM of $169.41, which might lead you to believe that RIM’s margins for the device are huge when compared to the selling price here in the US. AT&T

BlackBerry Bold being delayed again by AT&T, says RIM CEO

RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis made it known today that AT&T is still testing the Bold to ensure that it’s sub-par 3G network can support it and those of us waiting for it to come out won’t go ape shi

AT&T to start training for the BlackBerry Bold on the 16th, launching on the 20th?

Will the madness ever end? BBNews is stating that inside sources have informed them that AT&T will begin training reps on the Bold beginning the 16th with a launch on the 20th. Apparently the dela

Rumor: BlackBerry Bold will never, ever come to T-Mobile or is it?[Update]

If this is true then I’m going to kick someone’s ass. BBNews has word from a “high-level insider” that the Bold will never make its way to T-Mobile. Instead, T-Mo will focus on

Best Buy reveals launch date for BlackBerry Bold

After the Android announcement, I think I’m back to the “eh” mentality as far as the BBB goes. I’ll still get one, but the enthusiasm I once had for the RIM device has slowly d

Video: Exciting commercial for the missing in action BlackBerry Bold

Drum roll! Or not! Presenting the commercial for the BlackBerry Bold, which aired during the season premiere of Heroes on Monday night, a show I can honestly say I’ve never seen. We don’t

AT&T was supposed to announce BlackBerry Bold yesterday

According to a press release obtained by the BGR, AT&T was scheduled to announce the Bold‘s October launch yesterday, but for some reason the press release was not put out. At least we know

BlackBerry Bold release pushed back to September

Interest in the BBB is at an all time low. BlackBerry News is reporting that the 3G BlackBerry from RIM is now being pushed back to September 1 or later. I’m not sure about you folks, but I&#821

BGR gives a BlackBerry Bold browser play-by-play

Not satisfied with The Boy Genuis Report’s exhaustive BlackBerry Bold review? Lucky you, BGR has given another walk through, this time just on the handset’s browser. Highlights: though many pages

Blackberry Bold on track for August – that's still Summer technically

Oh, those naughty bloggers. How hardworking PR people must hate the rumors incessantly bubbling up based on every offhand remark or misspoken word. In this case the buzz has been around the much-antic

BlackBerry Bold hands on: You know, for everyone

I got a little face time with the BlackBerry Bold today and came away impressed. The BlackBerry Bold is a new step for RIM. Whereas the Pearl aimed at the non-smartphone user who wanted some email fun

BlackBerry Bold appears on AT&T site, let the drooling commence

The connection in my hotel here in Berlin is slow as molasses or FF is being weird, so my apologies for the strange screen cap. While everyone else is frothing over the iPhone 3G, I’m patiently