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Netflix launches website based on the fictional streaming service from ‘Black Mirror’

After the first episode of “Black Mirror” Season 6 went viral for poking fun at Netflix, the streamer is now joining in on the joke. Netflix launched two websites based on “Streamberry,” the f

ChatGPT told Charlie Brooker exactly how not to write a ‘Black Mirror’ episode

“Black Mirror” has been one of the most consistently on-target (and consistently frightening) satires of humanity’s relationship with technology. So consistent, in fact, that ChatGPT was

The first episode of ‘Black Mirror’ S6 is a subscriber’s worst nightmare

Netflix announced Wednesday the official release date of “Black Mirror” season six alongside an unsettling new trailer. The series is set to premiere on the streamer on June 15. The trailer kicks

‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 set to premiere in June

“Black Mirror” is officially returning this June, Netflix announced today, bringing viewers a sixth season that will potentially make them feel like we’re all inching closer to a grim, tech-infu

Netflix’s interactive ‘Trivia Quest’ will be far less creepy than ‘Bandersnatch’

Netflix is doubling down on interactive content today as it announces “Trivia Quest,” an animated quiz series that will debut on April 1. Daniel Calin and Vin Rubino of Sunday Sauce Produc

Original Content podcast: ‘Black Mirror’ returns with one of its strongest seasons

Less than six months after releasing the disappointing interactive experiment “Bandersnatch,” Netflix’s science fiction anthology series “Black Mirror” is back with three

New ‘Black Mirror’ trailer features Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie… and more dystopia

“Black Mirror” is coming back for its fifth season to once again show us why technology’s progress means we can no longer have nice things. The new season will tell three stories wri

Netflix is pursuing more interactive content, including, maybe, a rom-com

On the heels of its groundbreaking foray into interactive storytelling with the choose-your-own-adventure-style Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, Netflix will look to produce much more interactive en

Netflix faces $25 million lawsuit over ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’

If you watched Netflix’s latest “Black Mirror” production, there’s no doubt it reminded you of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Now, the publisher that owns t

Netflix gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘Bandersnatch’ in a new video

Netflix is giving viewers a look behind the scenes at the making of its first interactive story aimed at adults, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. In a featurette published today, the streaming service high

Original Content podcast: ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is a frustrating interactive experiment

“Bandersnatch” offers an unusual television experience — but not a very satisfying one. The new “Black Mirror” special follows Stefan Butler as he attempts to turn a science

Here’s how to play a game from Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch episode

If you’ve gone down the rabbit hole with Netflix’s latest Black Mirror release, there’s (at least) one more Easter egg out there. As some intrepid Reddit users discovered, you can ac

Netflix releases a trailer for ‘Bandersnatch,’ the mysterious new episode of ‘Black Mirror’

What the heck is “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”? It’s probably not just a regular episode of the critically acclaimed science fiction anthology series. Netflix has been pretty cryptic

Black Mirror will ‘BRB’

If you can’t get enough new Black Mirror episodes, Netflix confirmed that the series will be coming back with a fifth season. The company shared the news with a cryptic teaser video on Twitter with

Original Content podcast: Looking into the dark future of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’

Netflix has delivered another six glimpses into Black Mirror‘s often-bleak view of technology and humanity. On the latest episode of TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast, one of your regu

Netflix is slowly teasing Black Mirror Season 4 with another trailer

Netflix has been tight-lipped about the release date for Season 4 of Black Mirror. However, the streaming giant continues to tease with trailers for each of the episodes. Thus far, we’ve got our

Netflix keeps the mystery alive with Black Mirror

Fans are stoked for a fourth season of Black Mirror, as they should be. The Emmy-award winning series, which shows the dark side of our inevitable future, does an outstanding job of story-telling whil