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Black Hat scraps Rep. Will Hurd as keynote speaker amid voting record controversy

Rep. Will Hurd will no longer give the keynote address at the Black Hat security conference amid questions about his voting record on women’s rights. Hurd, a Texas Republican congressman, was sc

Rep. Will Hurd to keynote Black Hat draws ire for voting record on women’s rights

A decision to confirm Rep. Will Hurd as the keynote speaker at the Black Hat security conference this year has prompted anger and concern by some long-time attendees because of his voting record on wo

The four cybersecurity terms everyone is talking about at Black Hat

Here are four cybersecurity terms that will root many conversations, both on the expo floor and among experts and analysts in the briefing rooms at Black Hat.

Apple Beefs Up Its Security Team By Hiring Security Expert Team

Remember <a href="">Thunderstrike 2</a>? Last summer, Xeno Kovah and Trammell Hudson <a href="

The Thin Black-Clad Line

We live in a cyberpunk novel. Every major nation-state clandestinely develops (and/or purchases) carefully targeted malware, and constantly probes—or penetrates—other nations’ defenses while des

Hack The Planet! (Before It’s Too Late)

Greetings from the gaudy hellscape of Las Vegas, and that overcrowded maelstrom of surly hackers known as DEF CON! What follows is a brief rundown of the talks here (and its big corporate sister Black

New Zero-Day Exploit Can Completely Brick Your Mac

It's Black Hat season, meaning that we are getting a new batch of zero-day exploits showing how insecure our gadgets are. Xeno Kovah and Trammell Hudson found a serious zero-day vulnerability in OS X

Notes From Crazytown, Day Three: Black Hat Breakdown

So far this week, at Black Hat, I have learned to deeply mistrust: passwords, chip-and-PIN cards, USB devices, HTTPS connections, more than two billion phones, governments worldwide, all human societi

Notes From Crazytown, Day One: The Business Of Fear

Can your computer be hacked? Yep. Can your phone be hacked? Yep. Have your passwords been harvested? Very possibly. (The NYT just reported that one Russian group has <em>more than a billion</em>, thou

What Happens At Def Con Stays With Us All

There's nothing like attendance at the annual <a target="_blank" href="‎">Black Hat</a> and <a target="_blank" href="‎">DefCon</a> security/hacker c

NSA Director: Don’t Worry, Trust Us

<a target="_blank" href="">General Keith Alexander</a>, head of the NSA, gave the keynote speech at the <a target="_blank" href="

Think your satellite dish is secure? It's not.

<img src="" />From TV to internet, most people think that their satellite dish connection is secure and u

French journalists steal passwords at security conference, get kicked out

Three French journalists were kicked out of the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas yesterday. They were caught sniffing the press room’s Wi-Fi network. The journalists were from the maga