black friday 2008

Microsoft sold an awful lot of Xbox 360s during Black Friday weekend

Flickr’d Looks like Microsoft weathered the first “oh God will we sell any Xbox 360s in this economy?” storm last week, and then some. Redmond sold 25 percent more Xboxen this Black Friday w

Black Friday fatality: Wal-Mart staffer trampled in Long Island

[image credit: Farriella for the NY Daily News] I was hoping we’d make it through this Black Friday without one of these incidents, but unfortunately it’s happened again: If you haven&#821

Black Friday reports? Send them to

From here We received our first Black Friday report this morning from Florida where Best Buy was doing business as usual. Our spy went to the store at 4am and found no crowds or pushing. In a consider

CrunchDeals: $230 off Debaufre CSAR watches

The longer we’ve had the Debaufre Aircraft-8 the more I’m convinced that these guys have finally gotten things right. For about the same price as a higher-end quartz you can get an ETA or

CrunchDeals: Get almost $300 off Apple gear

Get thee to the Applery – or MacMall, MacConnection, or, better yet, Amazon – for some great deals on MacBooks, MB Pros, and iMacs. The Mac Pro, for example, is going for $284 off list at

Some of Best Buy’s doorbusters also available online

Turns out you actually DON’T really have to sit in the cold hoping to get a magic ticket so you can buy Best Buy’s Friday doorbusters because a bunch of stuff that’s available in the stores is a

Insane Black Friday game deals at Amazon: ‘Left 4 Dead’ for $20 (PC), console titles more than half off

If you’re either still awake on Thursday night or have just woken up early Friday morning and you’re getting set to head out to hunt for some video game deals, you might be able to get most of you

Best of Black Friday: Here’s where to get the top deals

Black Friday can be a tiring, stressful, and overwhelming ordeal. Here’s a list of which stores have the best deals on some of the top items for the holiday shopping season, along with our picks for

Alienware Black Friday: $200 off m17x gaming notebook

Well, this is a great deal… if you were in the market for a gaming notebook, which I suspect not too many people are. Which is probably why Alienware is pushing them like they’re HD-DVD pl

Walmart’s Black Friday ad is now making the rounds

Lady and gentlemen (get it, one lady?) I give you Walmart’s Black Friday ad, home of the $128 Blu-ray player and the $798 50-inch plasma TV. Notable deals include:

Staples Black Friday ads will vary by region

Apparently there will be at least two Staples ads for Black Friday this year – each being specific to a certain region or regions of the country. You’ll probably know which ad circular you’re de

Wal-Mart to sell $128 Blu-ray player on Black Friday

In the ultimate test to see whether or not Blu-ray is ready for mainstream adoption, Wal-Mart will be selling a Magnavox player for $128. If it creates stampedes like Wal-Mart’s $29 DVD player from

CrunchDeals: MSI Wind with XP or Acer notebook with Vista for $299 at Micro Center this Saturday

Micro Center has apparently decided to beat the Black Friday rush by offering up some pretty enticing deals this coming weekend. There’s a small catch, of course: you’ll need to get your hands on

Kmart Black Friday ad round-up

Wow, Kmart will be open from 7AM to 9PM on Thanksgiving Day, which should leave just enough time for employees to make the traditional super late-night Thanksgiving dinner with their families. The sto

Radio Shack’s Black Friday ad

We’re admittedly a little late on the uptake for this one but in case you missed it, here are some good deals from Radio Shack’s leaked Black Friday ad:

Office Max Black Friday ad looks pretty good

Office Max looks to be a good stop to add to your list, as the store will have some pretty aggressive deals on various products, including:

Costco Black Friday ad, plus online-only deals

Costco will have a three-day in-store sale from November 28-30 along with online-only deals from now until December 15th. These in-store deals look okay, but not great: SmartParts 10.4-inch digital pi

Target’s Black Friday ad leaked

Target’s Black Friday ad got leaked over the weekend and in true CrunchGear form, here it is on Monday. Notable deals inside include:

Sam's Club ad was so very, very wrong: Bundle is $425

So Photoshop was our nemesis this holiday season: the bundle in the “leaked” Sam’s Club ad is not $224 for a Wii and a bunch of games it’s $425. Not great but not bad, either.

Circuit City’s Black Friday ad leaked just posted Circuit City’s Black Friday ad. Hopefully the company will live to see next year’s ad, too. Some notable good deals: SanDisk 1GB MP3 Player Express for $16.99 HP Pavil
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