black belt

  • Black Belt Spirit Watch Review

    “Wow, this packaging is really neat!” Is what I thought to myself opening up the Black Belt Spirit watch from… Black Belt watches – the brain-child of Yvan Arpa. The thick little box was filled with protective cloth that looks to be cut-up and re-purposed karate gi (karate outfit). There was a nice branded USB drive with the instructions and warranty info, and of… Read More

  • Hai Karate! The Black Belt Watch is for black belts only

    Remember those watches made out of pieces of the Titanic? Or that watch with the little moon lander on it? Well Yvan Arpa, the nutso horologist behind those treats has finally hit the a new level of crazy. Homeboy is a has a black belt and, in order to honor his fellow black belts, he’s created a watch just for black belts. It’s a watch for black belts only. And it costs about… Read More