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This app builder is letting students turn their ideas into apps for free

“We just need a technical co-founder!” “We have the idea, we’re just trying to find a CS major to build it!” In 2016, everyone and their mother has an idea for an app. Th

After 500,000 Apps Built, Bizness Apps Launches Apex, A New White-Label App Builder

Founded in 2010 as a DIY app and website development platform, Bizness Apps has quietly turned its attention to resellers and digital agencies, becoming one of the largest providers of white-label

Bizness Apps Launches DIY Website Builder, Looks To Become A Full-Service Digital Marketing Suite For SMBs

Once upon a time, if you wanted your own website, you either had to speak fluent Internet, or write a large check to someone who did. However, thanks to the laundry list of companies and services that

Does Your Business Need Mobile Apps? Bizness Apps (& More) Give You The Premium Tools

Let's say you want to give your small business a mobile presence. You'd like to develop some mobile apps, but you don't have the time, money, or technical skills to do it yourself, and you're not too

Native Or Web? Bizness Apps Adds HTML5 Platform To Let SMBs Create Their Own Apps — For Both

<a href="">Bizness Apps</a>, the startup that gives small businesses the tools to quickly and easily build mobile apps, launched in October 2010 and has been growing like ga

Bizness Apps Expands To Android To Bring Your Business Into The Mobile Apps Game

<img src="" /><a href="">Bizness Apps</a>, a startup that gives small businesses the tools to quickly and easily buil

An iPhone App For Your Business For Just $39 A Month? Bizness Apps Raises Funding

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">Bizness Apps</a> CEO Andrew Gazdecki checked in to tell us that they've j