• Bitwine Acquired By Monster Venture Partners

    Bitwine, a service launched in late 2006 that lets people ask questions to experts for a fee. Originally the service was tethered to Skype; more recently it began letting users connect to experts via Skype, other VoIP service, or normal phone lines. Experts can charge their clients either by the minute or a simple flat fee. Clients pay by PayPal and the money gets sent to experts as soon as… Read More

  • BitWine Detaches Itself from Skype, Pursues Partnership Strategy

    BitWine started off in late 2006 as a place where people could find experts to answer their questions over Skype for a consulting fee. The company has since realized that not everyone in its target market, the United States, has installed Skype or even owns a microphone. So it has taken steps to liberate itself from Skype while still providing the Skype plugin as an option. Users can now… Read More

  • BitWine Gives Access To Those In The Know

    A company called BitWine launched an interactive search site about three weeks ago. It is much like Ether in that it is a call-an-expert service, except BitWine is integrated with Skype. In fact BitWine will be a Skype plugin when Skype 3.0 launches, which will likely be in early 2007. With BitWine, users deem themselves experts in specific categories and establish their per-minute… Read More