BitTorrent Opens Alpha For Maelstrom, Its New, Distributed, Torrent-Based Web Browser

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing company, is today opening an alpha test for its latest stab at disrupting -- or at least getting people to rethink -- how users interact with each other and w

Thom Yorke’s New Album Is The First “Paygated” Bundle From BitTorrent

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a> says it's ready to help musicians and other creators start selling digital content. Today the company is announcing a new "paygate

Enter The Blockchain: How Bitcoin Can Turn The Cloud Inside Out

Drop whatever you’re doing and go read Maciej Cegłowski’s absolutely magnificent essay <a target="_blank" href=""><em>Our Comrade The Electron</em></a>

BitTorrent Says Its Promotional Bundles Saw 60M Downloads In 2013

BitTorrent just published <a target="_blank" href="">a blog post</a> recapping its past year, particular the success it has see

Makers Of Oscar-Shortlisted Documentary “The Act Of Killing” Turn To BitTorrent For Promotion

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a> has been pitching itself as a legitimate way for content creators to promote their works,  and now the company is <a target="_blank"

BitTorrent Details How It’s Building An Anonymous Chat Product Without Using Servers

BitTorrent is <a target="_blank" href="">publishing a blog post</a> with more details about its in-development chat product, which it <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.bit

Sync, BitTorrent’s Server-Less Dropbox Competitor, Hits 1M Active Users, Now Available As An API

<a target="_blank" href="">Sync</a>, a file synchronization service from P2P platform <a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>

BitTorrent Goes For The Mainstream With Madonna As Centerpiece Of Its Latest Bundle

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, the P2P network with 170 million users that has been building out a business as the go-to platform for writers, musicians and other

BitTorrent’s File Synchronizing Service Sync, Still In Beta, Launches As An iOS App

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, which years ago first made its name as an efficient distribution network for music and video (sometimes not for the most legit of en

The Internet: We’re Doing It Wrong

This week Facebook's <a href="">ban-bot went berserk</a>; Github went <a target="_blank" href="http://

BitTorrent Takes Its Sync File Synchronizing App Into Beta As It Prepares To Add Premium, Paid Features

Bit by bit, <a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, the P2P platform that has <a href="">worked hard to erase conn

BitTorrent Would Really Like Everyone To Stop Suggesting It’s Being Used For Piracy

At this point, you've probably read about <a href="">how popular <em>Game of Thrones</em> is on BitTorrent</a> — and ther

BitTorrent Taps Public Enemy For Their Latest Creative Venture: Crowdsourced Music

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, the content distribution network that has been angling for a position as the platform of choice for the creative industries, is toda

BitTorrent Steps Up Monetization Efforts By Taking Its (Potentially Paywalled) Content Bundles Into Alpha

<a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a> is taking a new step today in its efforts to help creators make money (and make money itself) — it's releasing a new content packag

BitTorrent’s Surf Extension Now In Beta; Use Chrome Or Firefox Like A Desktop Client For Downloading

BitTorrent, the content sharing and distribution network with 170 million monthly active users and 85 petabytes of content, continues to roll out more tools for artists and consumers to turn to the se

BitTorrent Taps A Bigger Role For Books In Its Content Push

Last year, author <a href="">Tim Ferriss turned to BitTorrent</

BitTorrent Sharpens Enterprise Focus, Launches SoShare To Send Large Files, Offering First Terabyte Free

BitTorrent, the once-notorious P2P file-sharing site that has turned a new leaf as a legit, distributed computing provider, is today launching SoShare, a service to send large files from one computer

BitTorrent’s Matt Mason On Rethinking The Music Industry Business Model: ‘The Hustle Is Changing’

It's been a big year for <a target="_blank" href="">BitTorrent</a>, said Matt Mason, the company's executive director of marketing. Mason and his team have been working with b

With Amazon Publishing Stonewalled By Retailers, Tim Ferriss Taps BitTorrent To Market His New Book

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and a stalemate between Amazon and big retailers, including Barnes & Noble, over the sale of books from the online giant's publishing imprint is gi

BitTorrent Live: Cheap, Real-Time P2P Video Streaming That Will Kill TV

Television is going the way of the dinosaur, and the deadly comet is called <a href="">BitTorrent Live</a>. Today, Bram Cohen, the author of the BitTorrent peer-to-peer shar
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