BitTorrent’s Encrypted P2P Chat App Bleep Opens To The Public, Adds Mac, Android Clients

In the rush of new services for consumers that are concerned about their data privacy, make room for another messaging app. Peer-to-peer file distribution service BitTorrent is today announcing the

Sync, BitTorrent’s Dropbox Rival, Now Lets You Share With Links, Hits 10M Installs

Sync, a free file-sharing and synchronising service from P2P company BitTorrent that works like a server-less, cloudless Dropbox, has amassed 10 million user installs and 80 petabytes of data transfe

Video: How the RIAA/MPAA tracks your BitTorrent downloads

Use BitTorrent to, cough, illegally download music, movies, games and whatnot? If you do, you might want to watch this video, which explains how tracking agencies (the companies the **AA hire to track