• Check Out Diggnation Today In BitGravity's Multiview

    If you were intrigued by BitGravity’s Multiview product that allows viewers to choose from six different camera angles as they watch an event, check out episode 177 of Diggnation today at 3 pm PST. The regular “director’s cut” will be shown at at The customized version will be available here on the Revision3 website. We’ve got a few screenshots… Read More

  • BitGravity Testing New "Multiview" Product; This Is How I Want To Watch Sports

    Content Delivery Network BitGravity is testing a new product they’re calling Multiview (at least internally) that delivers up to six different synchronized high definition video streams at once. The viewer sees the normal view but can click on any of the other views at any time, and audio is obviously synchronized. The result is this: the viewer is put in the producer’s chair, and… Read More

  • DEMO 2008 Companies Roundup

    With the DEMO 2008 conference kicking off today, a bunch of tech companies are making announcements. Here are some of the highlights: BitGravity
    Content delivery network BitGravity is launching its streaming video offering, BG LiveBroadcast. The company aims to make streaming video online as instantaneous and high-quality as streaming video on TV, while adding an extra layer of interactivity… Read More

  • CDNs Are Big Business, EdgeCast Get $6 Million

    When we watch movies or play music online, there’s a flurry of unseen activity making sure that data arrives when and where it’s supposed to be. This is the job of the high speed fiber and computer systems of the internet’s content distribution networks (CDNs). Every website that streams content (live video, music) needs a CDN. The flurry of new media online has made it a… Read More

  • Bitgravity Officially Launches The Content Delivery Network Than Everyone's Been Talking About

    Burlingame based BitGravity officially launches their website and content delivery network (CDN) this evening, although the company has been busy working with nearly fifty existing customers for months to work through any last minute issues. We first covered the company when one of its employees sent a live video stream from his car (using BitGravity) during a drive from San Francisco to… Read More

  • Check This Guy Out

    Bill Snitzer, one of the tech guys at BitGravity, is driving to Los Angeles and showing it live on the Internet. He’s got a webcam up showing the drive and a Google Map mashup with a GPS device showing his progress. Bitgravity, located in Burlingame, California, hasn’t officially launched. But the company is the content delivery network (CDN) for Revision3 and other video sites. Read More