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Perhaps this is why the bitcoin spot ETFs are yet to send crypto prices to the moon

A survey of TechCrunch readers reveals that while the spot ETFs may boost bitcoin's price, they may not be attracting many people who don't own bitcoin.

CES, Circle-ing back to IPOs and why we’re over the moon about Overmoon

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Is India done with crypto?

Updated at 12.56 am, Saturday India Standard Time: Internet service providers in India are now also blocking Binance and other apps flagged to be operating “illegally” in the country. It w

Bitcoin ETFs, Carta’s latest mess and let’s go to the moon

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As Bitcoin reaches the $44,000 threshold, why the surge and what’s next?

Bitcoin’s price surge into year-end has been exceptionally encouraging, as it has been accompanied by the highest trading volume it has seen since November 2022.

Institutional crypto adoption in Asia is growing as the US market remains a question mark

After multiple industry-changing events crippled the industry’s advancement last year, the positive shift is welcome, according to several industry players in the region.

Bitcoin drops 15% after the SEC rejects the Winklevoss ETF

The SEC just issued their ruling on the Winkelevoss bitcoin ETF, and it wasn't good news for enthusiasts of the digital currency. Regulators rejected the proposed application, mainly because of the la