• Watch The Buzz On Bitly.TV

    With more than two billion links a month passed through its link shortening service, can see what is some of the most buzzed about and shared content on the Web. Today, it is exposing the most popular videos people share through on Bitly.TV, which is the second project under Labs (the super-short URL shortener was the first). With being the main way people… Read More

  • Goes Pro, Tells To

    The short gloves are off. Earlier today, both Google and Facebook got into the URL shortening game with and Google’s move in particular is a direct challenge to, the rising independent standard among link shortening services.’s response is in effect to ask publishers and consumers who they trust with all their data: Google or the rest of the Web? To… Read More

  • What's Behind That Short Link? Steps Up Its Efforts To Sniff Out Spam.

    With the rise of Twitter, we’ve also seen the rise of link shorteners (standard URLS take up too many characters). The king of the link shorteners right now is, which is the default shortener on Twitter and accounts for more than 75 percent of all short URLs on the service. Every month, shortens about 1 billion links. For spammers, that’s one huge honey jar. The… Read More

  • Now Summarizes Your Link Data For Even Better Metrics

    Perhaps the top reason to use (beyond obviously shortening links) is for its analytics. The service makes it easy to see all sorts of data about your short URL links going out to services like Twitter. But sometimes looking at the bigger picture is more interesting than individual data. Now you can see that too. Today, the service has unveiled its new Click Summary. This is a… Read More

  • Panera Bread Blocks Links

    Here’s an interesting factoid. Panera Bread, the national bakery and cafe chain, has blocked all links from users who happen to be using Panera’s free WiFi. In a tweet to user who was inquiring about the issue, Panera’s official Twitter handle responded that the coffee shops have “blocked b/c link is hidden & can’t determine content. Want to keep a… Read More

  • Topsy Surfaces Hottest Real Time Links, Hits And TweetMeme Head On

    Real time search and discovery engine Topsy is releasing a bunch of new products and tools this afternoon. Topsy is all about the power of the ReTweet on Twitter. When the service first launched publicly in May we noted that ReTweets are the new currency of the web. And it isn’t just the number of retweets that matters (which is subject to large scale spamming efforts). It’s… Read More

  • Just How Big Is TweetMeme Anyway, And Why Does It Matter?

    There is a lot of chatter about TweetMeme’s rather robust growth to over 18 million unique monthly visitors on That puts them ahead of well known sites like LinkedIn and with 15 million and 9 million visitors, respectively, on the service). In fact, Tweetmeme currently sits as the 68th largest site on the Internet, according to Compete. What does TweetMeme do? Read More

  • Go.USA.Gov! Our Taxpayer Money Hard At Work Shortening URLs.

    Does the world really need another URL shortener? Apparently, the U.S. government thinks so. It just launched as a link shortening service for government employees. It shortens links from any .gov, .mil, or site. For instance, takes you to a page on Nasa’s site with some nice satellite imagery showing the Fall colors in Wisconsin. … Read More

  • MySpace Floods Twitter With Status Updates; Now No. 2 Source of Short Links.

    Never underestimate the power of two-way sync and large social networks. A week ago, MySpace turned on two-way sync with Twitter, allowing members to post their status updates to Twitter directly from MySpace. Those updates appear in Twitter with a short link back to MySpace, using MySpace’s own link shortener, “” MySpace status updates are now… Read More

  • Twitter's Shortened URL Expansion Stopped Working For Links

    Normally, when you use Twitter’s search service, you can avoid clicking shortened URLs blindly – which is a security risk – by expanding them and taking a look at where they’ll be taking you exactly. I use it all the time, and I’ve even gotten accustomed to using Brizzly for Twitter on the web partly because it automatically expands any shortened URL. … Read More

  • Video: Symantec Shows The Danger Of Shortened Twitter Links

    While there is often a lot of talk about the downside of URL shorteners being that if they go down, they take your links with them, the much more obvious and real problem is that they very easily mask potentially bad sites. We’ve been seeing this more and more in both public tweets and DMs, but luckily so far most of those have just been worms meant to replicate themselves, rather… Read More

  • TweetMixx Gets A Last Minute Stir As It Readies For Public Consumption

    Back in July, we wrote about TweetMixx, the new service from social voting site Mixx that allows you find relevant links on Twitter. Starting tomorrow, the service will be opened up to the public. And in anticipation of that, the service got a last-minute revamp this weekend to make sure it’s ready.The results are good, but there’s still a question of if TweetMixx can take off in… Read More

  • Throws Its Hat Into The URL Shortener Ring

    Big surprise. There’s another URL shortening service that wants to throw its hat in the ring and into a field that’s pretty much saturated. Do we really need another URL shortener? Brinkster, the web-hosting startup behind seems to think so. Similar to many of its competitors, offers statistics (in your own time zone) about your links, including number of clicks… Read More

  • First Twitter, Now The Web Starts To Embrace Google, TypePad, CBS and yfrog

    When Twitter decided to start using as its default URL-shortener, usage exploded. But the service was able to handle the rise in usage, and has been steadily adding new features. And now other major players on the web are rewarding that reliability by also embracing it. Today on its blog, details a few of the new API uses and partnerships that they’ve been cooking… Read More

  • Twitter Wants To Track Your Clicks

    Just before Twitter went down today (yup, it was down again), I noticed something strange. Whenever I clicked on any shortened link in my Twitter stream and look at the address bar of my browser, I saw a fleeting click tracker before it redirected to the final site. It looked something like this: “ . . .” Others noticed this as well. When… Read More

  • Short And Tweet: TweetMeme Introduces An URL Shortener Of Its Own

    As if we needed yet another URL shortening service, TweetMeme is today debuting in an effort to make that particular saturated field even more so. And it’s not like it does anything special in comparison with the plethora of similar services out there. It shrinks longer links in order to make them more tweetable (and retweetable), it gives you some options to share links from… Read More

  • And Fastest, Most Reliable URL Shorteners. Tr.Im Comes Up . . . Short.

    When it comes to shortening links, the brevity of the URL is not the only factor you should consider. Speed and reliability are also important. After all, the main purpose of URL shortening services such as and TinyURL are to redirect you back to the original (long) link someone shortened in the first place. You want the redirect to be fast and reliable. The rise of Twitter and… Read More

  • Can't/Won't Sell, Goes Open Source, Blames Everyone

    Oh, this is rich. The Nambu Network, owners of the URL-shortening service announced today that the service will go open source on or before September 15 of this year. That’s odd since the service has now gone from completely shutting down, to trying hard to sell, to bringing the service back up so it can sell, to now going open source in just 8 days. Let me be clear, going open… Read More

  • Following The Incident, 301works Is Ready To Insure Shortened URLs

    Perhaps you’ve been following the fiasco. If not, basically the URL shortening service shut down and said all its links would cease to work by the end of the year, dealing a severe blow to users of any URL shortening service. has since recanted its decision (if only to make it easier to sell), but the problem is still a very real one: What happens if your favorite… Read More

  • The Short and Winding Road

    The news that some loser URL shortener is closing down does not prove anything other than that those who promoted it with their links better have gotten something out of the deal already. It’s all part of the usual pony ride that starts with excitement about the possibilities and ends in recriminations about the winners controlling the market. Now Dave Winer is calling for an end to what… Read More