Bird Buddy, the AI-powered bird feeder startup, now lets anyone use its app to birdwatch

Bird Buddy, the startup behind multiple AI-powered smart bird feeders, including the recently announced smart Hummingbird Feeder and Bird Bath, is today launching its latest product — and it&#82

Bird Buddy introduces an AI-powered Smart Hummingbird Feeder and Bird Bath

Bird Buddy, the AI-powered smart bird feeder, is bringing the popular pastime of bird-watching into the digital age — and growing its line of products in support of the hobby. With the startup&#

Bird Buddy’s new smart hummingbird feeder can photograph and identify 350 different bird species

Bird Buddy, the maker of a smart bird feeder that snaps photos of your bird visitors, which are collected in a companion mobile app, is out today with another product for its nature enthusiast and bir

Disney Imagineering’s Project Kiwi is a free-walking robot that will make you believe in Groot

The black curtain pulls aside and a character straight out of the movies waves hello. This is not an uncommon occurrence when I’m around Imagineers, but this time is special. The character isn’t a

Meet European bootcamp Rockstart’s first AI cohort

Back in April the Netherlands-based Rockstart bootcamp announced it was adding an AI track. It's now named the first batch of startups in the inaugural six-month program, with teams hailing from as fa

High-speed camera rig captures 3D images of birds’ wings in flight

You don't have to be an ornithologist to know that birds are pretty good at flying. But while we know how they do it in general, the millimeter- and microsecond-level details are difficult to pin down

Ornithologists are using drones to eavesdrop on songbirds

When conservationists put drones to work in field research, they typically function as flying eyes that gather imagery of the habitat and wildlife below. Now, ornithologists from Gettysburg College i

What kind of bird is that? Snap a picture and the Merlin Bird Photo ID app tells you

Is that a bufflehead? A coot? Maybe a loon? Get close enough to take a picture and the Merlin bird identification app will tell you in seconds — sort of like a Shazam for would-be ornithologists.

Watch This Trained Eagle Take Down A Flying Drone

As more and more civilians start flying drones, there will probably be an exponential rise in situations where authorities need to quickly take down a poorly-navigated drone hovering above a stadi

Sprint’s LTE Rollout Stymied By “Uh, Birds” As It Plans To Activate Four New Markets

Sprint seems to be taking the slow and steady approach to their LTE light-up, but it turns out that's not entirely by design. When asked about how confident the carrier was about meeting its goal of 1

A Really Nice Flying Ornithopter Video For Your Friday Enjoyment

These things are pretty old but sometimes it's nice to see two dudes really happy about a piece of technology that really works. This ornithopter is made by the guys at <a HREF="http://www.flappingfli

Kid's Science Fair Project Saves Birds From Windows

<img src="" /> Charlie Sobcov, an eight grader from Canada fell in love with birds on a trip to Costa Rica four years

Squirrel-proof Rollerfeeder

If you’re one of those birdwatching types who gets all agitated when squirrels defile your precious bird feeder, then consider the Rollerfeeder from Solutions, Inc. It is essentially exactly wha