• Watch This Trained Eagle Take Down A Flying Drone

    Watch This Trained Eagle Take Down A Flying Drone

    As more and more civilians start flying drones, there will probably be an exponential rise in situations where authorities need to quickly take down a poorly-navigated drone hovering above a stadium or government building. But, since drone companies have yet to provide any sort of backdoor to manually takeover the device’s controls, authorities are on their own in figuring out… Read More

  • Sprint’s LTE Rollout Stymied By “Uh, Birds” As It Plans To Activate Four New Markets

    Sprint’s LTE Rollout Stymied By “Uh, Birds” As It Plans To Activate Four New Markets

    Sprint seems to be taking the slow and steady approach to their LTE light-up, but it turns out that’s not entirely by design. When asked about how confident the carrier was about meeting its goal of 12,000 live LTE sites by the end of the year, Sprint Networks Operations President Steve Elfman pointed out a particularly peculiar stumbling block. “We’ve got several hundred… Read More

  • A Really Nice Flying Ornithopter Video For Your Friday Enjoyment

    These things are pretty old but sometimes it’s nice to see two dudes really happy about a piece of technology that really works. This ornithopter is made by the guys at FlappingFlight and comes in multiple models including the Park Hawk with “instant glide” feature that allows you to stop flapping and swoop around like a bird of prey at the touch of a button. Read More

  • Kid's Science Fair Project Saves Birds From Windows

    Charlie Sobcov, an eight grader from Canada fell in love with birds on a trip to Costa Rica four years ago. He learned about decreasing bird populations due to global warming and another killer: windows. He found out that 500 million birds are killed by impact with windows annually in the US, Canada and Mexico. Read More

  • Squirrel-proof Rollerfeeder

    If you’re one of those birdwatching types who gets all agitated when squirrels defile your precious bird feeder, then consider the Rollerfeeder from Solutions, Inc. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like. The feeder is suspended by two bars. When weight it placed on an end of the feeder, it rolls, flinging your squirrel assailant into the great abyss (aka the grass). Being… Read More