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Pitch Deck Teardown: PhageLab’s $11M Series A deck

This week, we're taking a look at what PhageLab got right in this pitch deck and why it could use some judicious pruning.

Dog cancer treatment ImpriMed aims to expand its AI technology into human oncology

ImpriMed, a California-based precision medicine startup, builds AI-powered dog cancer treatment technology that helps veterinarians identify the most suitable drugs for individual canine and feline bl

As AI pervades biotech, what are investors looking for in 2023?

Six investors we surveyed recently told us that the macro environment has had a big impact on deal flow, valuations and M&A in biotech.

6 investors discuss why AI is more than just a buzzword in biotech

To get a better idea of how AI is affecting biotech in 2022, we asked six investors to tell us what they look for in a biotech startup today.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Fundraising beyond the Bay Area, web3 gaming, TDD prep checklist

San Francisco is no longer the center of the startup universe, and it hasn’t been for a while.

5 ways biotech startups can mitigate risk to grow sustainably in the long run

Capital is the fuel that advances scientific and technological innovation, but what do you do when the funding suddenly dries up?

It’s the era of at-home health diagnostics and Senzo is finding its flow

Biotech company Senzo just raised a $2 million round at a $20 million pre-money valuation to further extend options for lateral flow diagnostics. “Lateral flow,” in this case, is the same

VEnvirotech transforms organic waste into bioplastics

After a year of testing out environmental technologies for a private company, co-founder Patricia Ayma developed a process for bioplastic production using bacteria. The system turns organic matter, su

Implantable 3D-printed organs could be coming sooner than you think

At MBC Biolabs, an incubator for biotech startups in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, a team of scientists and interns working for the small startup Prellis Biologics have just taken a big

Watch IndieBio Accelerator’s Demo Day Today

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you IndieBio’s Accelerator’s Demo Day today, February 9th at 3:00pm to 5:00pm PST Located in heart of San Francisco, IndieBio is the largest seed-stage bio

Mushroom leather, tiny Zika detectors and lab-made breast milk debut at IndieBio’s third demo day

The accelerator’s demo day has grown so big we’re now live streaming it on TechCrunch. But it was just a couple years ago that the only pure biotech accelerator launched out of SOS Venture

Trace Genomics launches a 23andMe for farms, raises $4 million to improve the world’s food supply

A San Francisco startup called Trace Genomics wants to help farmers diagnose and improve the health of the soil where they want to raise crops before it’s harvest time and too late to change course.