• Blue Marble Energy Raises $1.3 Million More To Make Carbon-Neutral Fragrances, Flavors And Fuel

    According to a new SEC filing, Blue Marble Energy attracted another $1.3 million investment — this time in a series A-1 convertible note deal — to create carbon neutral alternatives to petrochemicals. Blue Marble’s biochemicals can be used to manufacture everything from food and perfume, to plastics, adhesives and synthetic textiles. The company also produces renewable… Read More

  • Alternative Energy: A Guide To Greening Your Home

    Alternative energy is a growing market, and though many states offer tax credits, rebates, and other incentives to promote clean energy, it can still prove to be an expensive proposition. It generally also requires plugging your energy source into the grid so you’re not left in the dark when the wind calms or the sun lingers behind clouds. Here is a roundup of solutions that can help power… Read More

  • Researcher finds new, cheaper way to produce ethanol fuel from waste

    Reducing gasoline dependency has been a hot issue for the developed world for some time now. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been very successful. Alternative fuel sources have been more expensive, or more toxic, to produce than gasoline, so gasoline is still the primary fuel source for many vehicles. New research coming from the University of Central Florida may be changing the game, though… Read More