Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Grants $1.5M To Turn Human Waste Into Biofuel

<img src=''> Two of many challenges developing countries face are unsafe water and a lack of affordable energy. With the help of a

BioPro Takes DIY Approach To Biofuels

<img src=''> Passionate biodiesel hobbyists have long relied on their local diner's supply of used cooking oil to power their cars, but a u

Elevance Raises $100 Million More To Make Chemicals And Fuel From Plant Oils, Poultry Fat

<img src="" class="shot2"></img>Elevance Renewable Sciences— a Chicago area company that uses soybean-, corn- and sunflower oils, pou

Biodiesel's big break: Processors making their way into normal retail stores

Biodiesel is about to make the move from weirdo hobby to mainstream normality. Go Green Home Stores is working on bringing biodiesel brewers to its stores, making it so that folks don’t have to

DIY biodiesel

While most of us would call a making a slurry of processed vegetable oil a fun weekend but the boys at Make call it an alternative fuel source. The best part? It involves caustic chemicals and alcohol

Going Green: Should you convert to Biodiesel? How does it work?

Every once in a while you might see a car go by with a sticker proclaiming “Powered by soybeans” or “I run biodiesel! Ask me how!” or some such message. No doubt you’re c

Biodiesel goes badass

We don’t link much to DailyKos here. We try to keep away from politics, lest we finally piss off everyone, but this is something worth sharing. There is a man with an eighth-grade education who