• 5 Product Innovations From CEATEC 2011 In Japan (Video Gallery)

    5 Product Innovations From CEATEC 2011 In Japan (Video Gallery)

    Truth be told, I wasn’t very impressed with what electronics makers showed at the CEATEC 2011 tech exhibition – especially because a lot of the new products were “leaked” to the Japanese press before the event started. However, here are a total of five of the coolest innovations Japanese companies showed at CEATEC 2011 in video form, delivered from our friends at Diginfo… Read More

  • Thanko sells digital camera/binoculars hybrid

    Tokyo’s most famous gadget maker, Thanko, has another hit product in its portfolio, the UDGZDC8M [JP]. For reasons unknown, the infamous company decided it’s time to give the world a combination of binoculars and an 8MP digital camera. And people living outside Japan can get it, too. Read More

  • Binoculars transmit video and voice

      Popular Mechanics has a cool article in their January 2009 issue about a new binocular technology for the U.S. military. Called LightSpeed, these binoculars have high-power infrared LEDs that allow them to transfer data and voice at up to 1 megabit per second and 32 kilobits per second respectively. There is a receiver in the left eyepiece and a transmitter in the right, which can emit… Read More