Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’ feature offers more comprehensive answers to complex search queries

Microsoft Bing is getting a new “Deep Search” feature powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. The feature is designed to give users more relevant and comprehensive answers to complex search queri

Humans can’t resist breaking AI with boobs and 9/11 memes

The AI industry is progressing at a terrifying pace, but no amount of training will ever prepare an AI model to stop people from making it generate images of pregnant Sonic the Hedgehog. In the rush t

Microsoft Bing to gain more personalized answers, support for DALLE-E 3 and watermarked AI images

Microsoft’s Bing is gaining a number of AI improvements, including support for OpenAI’s new DALLE-E 3 model, more personalized answers in search and chat, and tools that will watermark ima

Microsoft’s Bing Chat is coming to third-party browsers, including on mobile devices

In late July, Microsoft confirmed its ChatGPT-like Bing Chat was testing in third-party browsers like Chrome and Safari for select users after various reports had spotted the feature in action. Today,

Microsoft kills Cortana in Windows as it focuses on next-gen AI

Microsoft is shutting down its digital assistant app Cortana this month, having now put more of its focus on modern-day AI advances, like its ChatGPT-like Bing Chat and other AI-powered productivity f

Age of AI: Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence

AI is appearing in seemingly every corner of modern life, from music and media to business and productivity, even dating. There’s so much it can be hard to keep up — so read on to find out eve

Microsoft brings Bing Chat to the enterprise

Bing Chat, Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot experience, is heading to the enterprise. At its annual Inspire conference, Microsoft unveiled Bing Chat Enterprise, a version of Bing Chat with busines

Microsoft brings new AI-powered shopping tools to Bing and Edge

Microsoft today announced a slew of new AI-powered shopping tools for its new Bing search engine and the Bing AI chatbot in the Edge sidebar. While a lot of the shopping features that Microsoft built

OpenAI’s ChatGPT app can now search the web — but only via Bing

ChatGPT on mobile can now surf the web. But only via Bing. Today, OpenAI announced that subscribers to ChatGPT Plus, the premium version of the company’s AI-powered chatbot, can use a new featur

Microsoft bakes its Bing/ChatGPT bot into Windows 11

Microsoft is building its ChatGPT-based Bing experience right into Windows 11 — and adding a few twists that allow users to ask the chatbot to change their Windows settings, too. The new Windows

Microsoft doubles down on AI with new Bing features

Microsoft is embarking on the next phase of Bing’s expansion. And — no surprise — it heavily revolves around AI. At a preview event this week in New York City, Microsoft execs includ

Brave Search doesn’t use Bing’s index anymore

Brave just announced that it is now exclusively using its own index for its search engine. In other words, it doesn’t rely on third-party solutions like Bing anymore. When the company launched B

Microsoft integrates Bing into its keyboard SwiftKey app on Android and iOS

Microsoft is integrating its Bing chatbot into its smartphone keyboard app SwiftKey on Android and iOS, the company announced on Thursday. The new integration lets users chat with the bot directly fro

Can AI commit libel? We’re about to find out

The tech world’s hottest new toy may find itself in legal hot water as AI’s tendency to invent news articles and events comes up against defamation laws. Can an AI model like ChatGPT even

That was fast! Microsoft slips ads into AI-powered Bing Chat

Microsoft is “exploring” putting ads in the responses given by Bing Chat, its new search agent powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. While these sponsored responses are clearly labeled as such,

Microsoft brings OpenAI’s DALL-E image creator to the new Bing

Microsoft today announced that its new AI-enabled Bing will now allow users to generate images with Bing Chat. This new feature is powered by DALL-E, OpenAI’s generative image generator. The com

Bing said to remove waitlist for its GPT-4-powered chat

Microsoft’s Bing is enjoying the spotlight for the first time in a decade after it released a GPT-powered interface last month. But the tech giant has so far been cautious about the pace at whic

Microsoft’s new Bing AI chatbot arrives in the stable version of its Edge web browser

In addition to today’s launch of OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is now confirmed to be the GPT model running in Bing, Microsoft also announced the stable version of its Edge web browser will now in

Microsoft’s new Bing was using GPT-4 all along

When Microsoft announced the new AI-enabled Bing, which it built on top of OpenAI’s GPT models, neither company would confirm which version of GPT was being used beyond saying it was a next-gen

Brave Search launches an AI-powered summarization feature

It is raining AI-powered features all across search engines. Today, Brave Search launched a new “Summarizer” feature, which is powered by different large langue models (LLMs) — OpenAI&#8
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