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Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is a beautiful work in progress

For the last two weeks, I’ve been flying around the world in a preview of Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator. Without a doubt, it’s the most beautiful flight simulator yet, and it&#821

Microsoft Previews New Bing Maps, Puts Focus On Travel Planning

Microsoft may have sold off some of its mapping assets to Uber last week, but almost as if to show that it's still taking Bing Maps seriously, the company today announced a new preview release of Bing

Microsoft Will Bring 3D Imagery To Bing Maps For Windows 8.1, Will Launch With 100 Cities

Microsoft just announced that the Bing Maps app for Windows 8.1 will offer 3D imagery, just like Google Maps and Apple Maps. This previously unannounced feature, Microsoft’s corporate VP Gurdeep

Google Loses Key Maps Engineering Director Raj Shah To Microsoft’s Online Services Division

Microsoft just made a key hire that could help it re-energize its online mapping services. Raj Shah, who was previously heading up Google's worldwide maps operations as the Engineering Director for Ma

Bing Maps Now Shows Ocean Floor Topography, Gets Updated Base Satellite Image And Almost 14M Sq Km Of New High-Res Imagery

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Microsoft: Bing Maps’ High-Res Imagery Will Cover All The U.S. And Europe By The End Of The Year

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See Geolocated Tweets On Google Maps And The iPhone Too

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Microsoft launches Bing (sans beta tag) and Bing Maps in UK

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Microsoft Drops Bing's Beta Tag, Launches Bing Maps In UK

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