AdSemble launches self-serve tools for digital billboard advertising

“We’re not a media company, we’re a tech company” — that’s a common refrain in the advertising and media business, but it looks like AdSemble has been particularly pati

This Is The Best Ad Campaign In App History

What better way for an anti-social app to get noticed than by insulting its target audience? London-based app design studio ustwo has just put up a pair of billboards in the hipster heartland of Shore

The Sims 3 billboards pop up all over the USA

<img src="" />Considering that, on average, some 40 million people walk through Times Square per year, you've got to assume tha

Yahoo Japan plans to scan passersbys, put up personalized content on billboards

<img src="" /> In Japan, there is only one company in the web industry that <em>really</em> matters, <a href="https://tec

New billboard ads could determine how effective they are to you

I’m OK with billboard advertising. Many think they’re eyesores, but advertising pays for many things we take for granted, and how else am I to know that a Banana Republic scarf can make me

Los Angeles testing 'breaking news' billboards

Digital billboards are nothing new, but Clear Channel Outdoor will be testing ‘breaking news’ billboards in the Los Angeles area, starting today. The headlines will be controlled by the Lo