• Badabing! For iOS Helps You Find All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Bikini Pics

    Badabing! For iOS Helps You Find All Of Your Facebook Friends’ Bikini Pics

    Ok, so this app made me feel really dirty when I downloaded it. It’s called Badabing! and it basically goes through your friends’ photos on Facebook to pull out the ones of them at the pool or beach. In other words, we’re talking about scantily clad photos here. I of course, for the sake of technology journalism, had to download the app and give it a whirl. It actually kind… Read More

  • Big in Japan: Environmentally friendly bikinis made of plastic bottles

    Tokyo-based chemical company Asahi Kasei, a corporate giant with 25,000 employees, has announced an environmentally friendly product of the very special kind: swimsuits [JP]. The lovely ladies you can see on the picture (Ayumi Kura, 20, on the left and eighteen-year-old Shi Weng Lu on the right) are wearing bikinis made of polyethylene tephthalate. Polyethylene tephthalate (PET) is the stuff… Read More

  • Boom Goes the Dynamite:

    Larry King, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Jim Lehrer, Geraldo Rivera — when you think of hard-hitting news from trustworthy sources, these might be some of the names that come to mind (except Geraldo). Well get ready to add one more name to that list: Jessica. That’s right, she only needs one name. And who needs a last name when you’re ready to shake up the state of… Read More

  • Bikinirama Unleashes On A Powerbook

    This is the strangest and, yet, most arousing thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a German babe in a bikini smashing the begeezus out of a Powerbook. She must have been running BootCamp when the BSD appeared. They really like to smash gadgets and it breaks my heart. It’s a strange feeling because I hate to see gadgets being destroyed, but girls in bikinis seem to trump that. Read More