Google Maps rolls out end-to-end directions for bikeshare users

Google Maps is making it easier for bikeshare users to navigate their city with an update to Maps now rolling out across 10 major markets. Already, Google Maps could point users to bikesharing locatio

GeoOrbital’s wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike

TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016's "wildcard" participant GeoOrbital has a different take on the electric bike. Instead of putting a motor on the bike, they put it in the wheel. This crazy idea was actually

Acer’s Xplova X5 biking computer has a built-in camera that records when the rider’s heart rate increases

The latest version of the Acer-owned Xplova biking computer brings a few cool new tricks to the table. Chief among them, is the inclusion of the of a wide-screen on-board camera that offers up a littl

LifeBeam Brings Fighter Pilot Heart-Monitoring Technology To Your Bicycle Helmet

<a target="_blank" href="">LifeBeam</a> is kicking off an <a href="">Indiegogo</a> campaign for a new smart cycling helmet that uses smart sens

What Is This Odd Thing?

Is it a barbell for a pigeon? Is it a pair of nipple clamps? What, friends, is it?

Recharge your gadgets with your bike

<img src="" alt="freecharge" />If you have a dynamo generator-equipped bike, $100, and a USB-powered gadget that needs ch

Hands on with the Cy-fi. Looks nice. Sounds…

…OK. Not the greatest sounding speaker of course, but you can use it outside. Or rather, you can keep it outside. It’s being marketed as a Bluetooth sports speaker, and with a compact water resist

Cyclists Always Get The Coolest Jackets

Safety gear for cyclists just got a little cooler thanks to Michael Chen. His cycling jacket, the Reactiv, is geeked out with LEDs that indicate whether you’re breaking, turning or accelerating.

You Work it Girl: Women's Fitness

Let’s face it: Almost all fitness gear, from free weights to running shoes, is designed with men in mind. When companies make a “women’s version,” it’s usually clad in pi