Taking Lyft’s new e-bike for a spin

The bike had none of the usual signage when I took it for a spin around the chaotic and construction-filled streets of Manhattan. It very much looked like a prototype, with visible soldering on the jo

Lyft’s pink-wheeled shareable bikes will be available to rent soon

Today marks the close of Lyft's acquisition of Motivate, the New York City-based mobility company that owns a number of shareable bike services, like Citi Bike, Ford GoBike, Divvy, Bluebikes and Capit

Mobike unveils first initiatives since acquisition by Meituan, including no longer requiring deposits in China

Mobike made a roster of announcements about its bikesharing program today, including the end of customer deposits in China and full integration into Meituan Diaping’s app. The developments, its firs

Coord will get you there one way or another with its new APIs

Humans still have an edge over computers when it comes to navigating a city. In areas we are familiar with, we know precisely the cadence of traffic, when to avoid the subway, when biking makes sense

Bike-sharing startup Spin is getting into scooter-sharing

Because there are not enough ways to get around major cities and campuses, Spin is working to launch stationless electric scooter-sharing. These aren’t the electric scooters you see in San Franc

Spin wants to bring dock-less bike sharing to the US

Bikeshare programs in the US have mostly consisted of kiosks, or stations, where users can unlock a bike, take it off the rack, use it and return it once their errand or joy ride is done. Some only al