400-CAM003: Bike-Friendly Mini DV Camera

<img src="" /> Japan-based Sanwa Supply <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a mi

"Roundtail" Bike: Cool Or Just Loopy?

<img src="" />Just take a look at that. What's going on here? This radically different bike frame design is called the Roundtail, an

Audi Gets Into The Bike Game, Presumably To Compete With McLaren

<img src="" />Earlier this week we saw that McLaren got together with Specialized to make their exquisite <a href="h

Specialized And McLaren Claim "The Fastest Complete Performance Bike In The World"

<img src="" />Cross-discipline collaborations are nothing new for the car, bike, or any industry, really. By putti

Non-Toxic, Ethical Bike Care Products From Orontas

If you’re like me, you cringe a little whenever you put a little synthetic oil on your chain or send some toxic cleaning fluid down the drain. Seems to me that people with bikes are more likely

"Inner City Bike" Is A Minimalist's Single-Gear

I don’t post this because I condone the use of fixies in the city. I post it because these bikes are kind of rad. Sure, fixies are actually impractical in the city, especially one like Seattle,

The Bike-Mounted Leather Can Cage

In honor of the excellent new program, Portlandia, I present to you this special, sustainable, Vegan-grown, humane leather bike-mounted can cage, a mere $45 from Etsy.

Bamboo Bike Kit Lets You Build… Yes, A Bamboo Bike, How Did You Know

<img src="" />We see bamboo here and there on CrunchGear (the <a href="">Dodo

4iiii Heads-Up Display For Athletes Indicates Metrics With LEDs

<img src="" />This is a good idea. We've all seen bike computers, heart-rate monitors, and so on, the sort of things athletes or jus

Hungarian "Stringbike" Reinvents The Wheel

Technically, it’s reinventing the wheel-shaped gear system found on most bikes. But I can never resist a ready-made headline. This weirdo bike uses a pair of pulleys instead of the chain and gea

I Want A Complete Set Of These Excellent Puma Cargo Bikes

These stylish Puma Mopion bikes, designed by Biomega, are focused on on carrying capacity and lightness. The frames are aluminum and as you can see, differ from traditional and hardtail designs. Perso

Bike Nerds To Create a Low Cost Bike Sharing System For New York

A group of charming fellows have created something they’re calling “Social Bicycles,” a bike-sharing system that allows you to drop bikes off almost anywhere there is a bike rack, lo

WiFi-enabled lock is a good idea, but the lock needs some work

<img src="" />As is the case with so many concepts we see here at CG, the design here hasn't really caught up to the idea — like <a h

Good idea, bad idea: bendable bike locks itself to poles

Unorthodox ideas like this one by Brit Kevin Scott are often the germ for more advanced designs, but I think this one takes things a bit too far. A built-in lock utilizing the bike itself is a great i

DIY USB-powering generator for your bike

<img src="" />Using a bike as a power source is nothing new, but the idea of providing your own power is getting more and more at

Good idea: spot for briefcase on a bike. Bad idea: bike costs $1300

<img src="" />That's a nice looking bike. A bit of suspension on the front... nice commuter frame... I'd pay $500. What's that, it costs m

A few things to know about electric bikes

<img src="" />We like electric vehicles here at CrunchGear, from the <a href="

Quick-switch fixed-gear hub lets you have your hipster fun without the commitment

<img src="" />Lots of people think hipsters ruin everything, but really, they only ruined fixed-gear bikes. Everything else is still fine:

Integrated headlight and taillights, yet this bike helmet looks cooler than mine

<img src="" />Do your kids hate wearing helmets because the one you got for them at K-Mart is not very “cool”? I’ll bet they won’

Shadow eBike makes spokes and wires a thing of the past

While not the first bike to do away with spokes, the Shadow might be the first to see mass production. And its certainly the first to be wireless. Yes, that’s correct. Wireless bicycles.
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