• "Roundtail" Bike: Cool Or Just Loopy?

    Just take a look at that. What’s going on here? This radically different bike frame design is called the Roundtail, and inventor Lou Tortola claims that circular rear fork thing makes for a way more comfortable ride. Read More

  • Audi Gets Into The Bike Game, Presumably To Compete With McLaren

    Earlier this week we saw that McLaren got together with Specialized to make their exquisite Venge road bike. Apparently Audi felt left out of the party, and has announced the fruits of its collaboration with Portland bike-maker Renovo: the “duo” series. The bikes’ primary differentiating feature is, of course, the wood frames. Audi has built them out of “woods selected… Read More

  • Specialized And McLaren Claim "The Fastest Complete Performance Bike In The World"

    Cross-discipline collaborations are nothing new for the car, bike, or any industry, really. By putting their heads together, people can produce truly new and interesting works of engineering, though the result is almost always horrendously expensive. In this case, considering the collaborators are the well-known bike maker Specialized and the famed auto designer McLaren, you know it’s… Read More

  • Non-Toxic, Ethical Bike Care Products From Orontas

    If you’re like me, you cringe a little whenever you put a little synthetic oil on your chain or send some toxic cleaning fluid down the drain. Seems to me that people with bikes are more likely to care about their environmental impact, and also more likely to pay more for quality gear and accessories. These sustainable bike care products from Orontas let you and your bike feel good. Read More

  • "Inner City Bike" Is A Minimalist's Single-Gear

    I don’t post this because I condone the use of fixies in the city. I post it because these bikes are kind of rad. Sure, fixies are actually impractical in the city, especially one like Seattle, where I live, but there’s something to be said for removing mechanical elements until all you have left is a unicycle with a front wheel and handlebars. More info at Inner City Bikes. (Oops… Read More

  • The Bike-Mounted Leather Can Cage

    In honor of the excellent new program, Portlandia, I present to you this special, sustainable, Vegan-grown, humane leather bike-mounted can cage, a mere $45 from Etsy. Read More

  • Bamboo Bike Kit Lets You Build… Yes, A Bamboo Bike, How Did You Know

    We see bamboo here and there on CrunchGear (the Dodocase, laptops, bikes), but I’m usually suspicious of bamboo-type products, because they usually make specious claims of greenness. This kit seems useful, though, if only because it provides a semi-eco-friendly way to put together a new bike. Interestingly, it does not provide the bike parts or the bamboo. Hey, what the… Read More

  • 4iiii Heads-Up Display For Athletes Indicates Metrics With LEDs

    This is a good idea. We’ve all seen bike computers, heart-rate monitors, and so on, the sort of things athletes or just data-loving runners and cyclists track during their activities. The trouble is that they’re rarely easy to consult: you have to take your eyes off the road to check your speed, or interrupt your run cadence to check your heart rate. The 4iiii Sport-iiii system… Read More

  • Hungarian "Stringbike" Reinvents The Wheel

    Technically, it’s reinventing the wheel-shaped gear system found on most bikes. But I can never resist a ready-made headline. This weirdo bike uses a pair of pulleys instead of the chain and gears us normal people use. Hungarians are too good for gears, is that it? Actually, there are several serious advantages to this setup. I’m no bicyclologist, so you’ll have to evaluate… Read More

  • I Want A Complete Set Of These Excellent Puma Cargo Bikes

    These stylish Puma Mopion bikes, designed by Biomega, are focused on on carrying capacity and lightness. The frames are aluminum and as you can see, differ from traditional and hardtail designs. Personally I like to keep my stuff in a rolltop like the Soyuz or Vandal, but to be honest, when I need to pick up a few things from the store, I’d rather pop ’em in a basket than put them… Read More

  • Bike Nerds To Create a Low Cost Bike Sharing System For New York

    A group of charming fellows have created something they’re calling “Social Bicycles,” a bike-sharing system that allows you to drop bikes off almost anywhere there is a bike rack, locate them, and access them with an iPhone app. And it’s all outside of the confines of traditional urban bike-sharing systems. While we all know that humans are intrinsically violent and… Read More

  • WiFi-enabled lock is a good idea, but the lock needs some work

    As is the case with so many concepts we see here at CG, the design here hasn’t really caught up to the idea — like that other bike lock I just wrote up. Lock that alerts you via WiFi if it gets tampered with? Good. Lock that looks like you could cut through it with a pair of kiddie scissors? Not so good. Read More

  • Good idea, bad idea: bendable bike locks itself to poles

    Unorthodox ideas like this one by Brit Kevin Scott are often the germ for more advanced designs, but I think this one takes things a bit too far. A built-in lock utilizing the bike itself is a great idea, but messing with a key structural element like the frame bars is a dangerous move. Although the mechanism here is cool and convenient, I wouldn’t trust it (or the bike) after a few… Read More

  • DIY USB-powering generator for your bike

    Using a bike as a power source is nothing new, but the idea of providing your own power is getting more and more attractive as people find their lives full of energy-sucking devices. Nokia just a couple weeks ago started pushing a little phone charger for bikes, and if I ever bought another Nokia phone (unlikely) I’d definitely pick one of those up as well. If you felt like building… Read More

  • Good idea: spot for briefcase on a bike. Bad idea: bike costs $1300

    That’s a nice looking bike. A bit of suspension on the front… nice commuter frame… I’d pay $500. What’s that, it costs more than twice that? I assume there are gold nuggets inside the frame. No? Indeed. Then I’ll bid you good day, sir. Read More

  • A few things to know about electric bikes

    We like electric vehicles here at CrunchGear, from the Volt to the Leaf to the Eneloop to the U3-X. But fantasy electrics are one thing — what if you actually want to buy a real live electric bike? Read More

  • Quick-switch fixed-gear hub lets you have your hipster fun without the commitment

    Lots of people think hipsters ruin everything, but really, they only ruined fixed-gear bikes. Everything else is still fine: tight pants were never really cool, those big sunglasses are clearly dumb, and the hair is pretty self-condemning. But you can’t swing a cat in Seattle without hitting some joker on a fixie, even though this city is in no way fit fixed gear bikes. They’re fun… Read More

  • Integrated headlight and taillights, yet this bike helmet looks cooler than mine

    Do your kids hate wearing helmets because the one you got for them at K-Mart is not very “cool”? I’ll bet they won’t mind wearing this Lazer Urbanize Bicycle Helmet. At $100 a pop, these helmets certainly aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on safety, right? As more people take up biking to work through car-filled streets, stylish safety gear like this… Read More

  • Shadow eBike makes spokes and wires a thing of the past

    While not the first bike to do away with spokes, the Shadow might be the first to see mass production. And its certainly the first to be wireless. Yes, that’s correct. Wireless bicycles. Read More

  • BE-ENV: Panasonic Japan's expensive, cool e-bike

    We’ve covered plenty of electric bicycles from Japan in the past, but let’s be honest: Most of them are really ugly, for example these (technically interesting) models Sanyo introduced three weeks ago. But this new Panasonic e-bike, the BE-ENV [JP], looks rather cool and is something I could see the younger (and male) population actually using, too. Read More