Get Your Halfbike Runnin’ Head Out On The Highway

Why settle for a whole bike when a half will do? This decidedly odd <a target="_blank" href="">Kickstarted bicycle, called the Halfbike</a>, prom

Social Bicycles Raises $1.1 Million To Expand Bike Sharing Project

Bike sharing service <a target="_blank" href="">Social Bicycles</a> has raised $1.1 million to expand the reach of their social bike sharing service to new markets. The compan

An Interview With Josh Bechtel, The Inventor Of The Bicymple

There's been quite a bit of disruption in bikes recently and the <a target="_blank" href="">Bicymple</a> is no exception. Designed by <a target="_blank" href="http://www.linkedi

TC Makers: A Visit To The Brooklyn Factory Where They Make The Ultracool Blink Steady Bike Light

It's rare to see the creation of a product from idea to implementation but <a target="_blank" href="">Blink Steady</a>, a unique, multi-sensor bike light, allowed us to do just t

The Bike Singularity Is Nigh: The Velo Bike Has An Open Source Brain

The Velo is still a bit of a pie-in-the-sky project but I'd totally be down with it if they made a few in real life. Designed to reduce the "problems" associated with biking - namely collisions and ma

Blinksteady: The Bike Light Apple Would Make If Apple Made Bike Lights

When's the last time you really splurged on something for your bike? The old girl gets you around town, puts up with your ridiculous maintenance regimens, and shifts and rattles in just the right way

Porsche’s Sport And Rennsport Bikes, For The Car-Loving Cyclist

We've already seen bikes from both <a href="">Audi</a> and <a href="

The Backpack Scooter Lets You Walk Then Ride

This is the Bergmönch - the Mountain Monk - a scooter that folds into a backpack, thereby allowing the brave to ride down the hills the climb up at breakneck speed. There are no pedals - just a pair

This Wood Bike Looks Like It Came Out Of Minecraft – In A Good Way

<img src="" />The last wooden bike we saw,<a href="

Sweet-Looking Bike Tool Roll Made From My Favorite Material, Waxed Canvas

Fellow Seattlite and Etsy seller Erica Hanson has put together a great little tool bag for discerning bikers: the Mopha. It’s waxed canvas and consists of ten of little pockets for you to put yo

It's Bike Season And This App Will Help You Tune Things Up

<img src="">This clever little app, called <a HREF="">Bike Repair</a>, shows you

400-CAM003: Bike-Friendly Mini DV Camera

<img src="" /> Japan-based Sanwa Supply <a href="">announced</a> [JP] a mi

"Roundtail" Bike: Cool Or Just Loopy?

<img src="" />Just take a look at that. What's going on here? This radically different bike frame design is called the Roundtail, an

Audi Gets Into The Bike Game, Presumably To Compete With McLaren

<img src="" />Earlier this week we saw that McLaren got together with Specialized to make their exquisite <a href="h

Specialized And McLaren Claim "The Fastest Complete Performance Bike In The World"

<img src="" />Cross-discipline collaborations are nothing new for the car, bike, or any industry, really. By putti

Non-Toxic, Ethical Bike Care Products From Orontas

If you’re like me, you cringe a little whenever you put a little synthetic oil on your chain or send some toxic cleaning fluid down the drain. Seems to me that people with bikes are more likely

"Inner City Bike" Is A Minimalist's Single-Gear

I don’t post this because I condone the use of fixies in the city. I post it because these bikes are kind of rad. Sure, fixies are actually impractical in the city, especially one like Seattle,

The Bike-Mounted Leather Can Cage

In honor of the excellent new program, Portlandia, I present to you this special, sustainable, Vegan-grown, humane leather bike-mounted can cage, a mere $45 from Etsy.

Bamboo Bike Kit Lets You Build… Yes, A Bamboo Bike, How Did You Know

<img src="" />We see bamboo here and there on CrunchGear (the <a href="">Dodo

4iiii Heads-Up Display For Athletes Indicates Metrics With LEDs

<img src="" />This is a good idea. We've all seen bike computers, heart-rate monitors, and so on, the sort of things athletes or jus
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