Bigscreen’s new VR headset goes small

I’m not sure how high up size is on the VR scene’s current list of complaints. Truth is, there are still a lot of things standing between the technology and mainstream acceptance. Still, massive,

Not all is predictable on Facebook’s social Horizon

Most of the people I spoke with at Facebook’s Oculus Connect see the proliferation of virtual reality as a foregone conclusion, one that’s just a matter of timing at this point. For Facebo

New Bigscreen update streams your desktop to the Oculus Go

Oculus says that its new Go headset already boasts support for more than 1,000 titles out of the gate as of today. One of the most interesting of the small subset of those that I’ve taken a look

Bigscreen nabs $11M in funding as it looks to build the perfect virtual movie-watching app

Big screens apparently mean big money. Virtual reality remote desktop app Bigscreen has added $11 million in Series A funding to its pocketbooks as it looks to weather some waning investor interest in

Bigscreen VR app gets its biggest screen yet with latest update

Bigscreen is living up to its name. The Andreessen Horowitz-backed virtual reality app will be receiving one of its biggest updates since launch with the Cinema Update, which brings a hulking dynamica

VR social productivity app Bigscreen raises $3M in round led by Andreessen Horowitz

While there is much ink spilled over the hunt for VR’s “killer app,” over the past year a number of social apps have emerged out of the VR community that seek to highlight the unpara