• Tobias Stone talks about identity, cryptography, and the future of citizenship

    Tobias Stone talks about identity, cryptography, and the future of citizenship

    In this episode of Technotopia I walk to Tobias Stone, a writer, entrepreneur, and academic. Tobias has been writing on Trump and Brexit and worked with, a workgroup focused on cryptographically proven citizenship. Stone believes that the Estonian model of e-idenity is the future and that the mission for every country should be to make their workers, citizen, and expats digital. Read More

  • NYT: How to amplify your weak, anemic cell signal

    If you’re one of those people who insists on living in the “suburbs” or “not in the heart of major metropolitan areas” like my “parents”, then you might get shitty cellphone reception. It happens to many, it could happen to you. Our own Papa Biggs has a pretty good story in today’s New York Times about ways you can improve your reception at home… Read More

  • CrunchGear's own John "Sensible" Biggs makes the "What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?" list

    I’ve known John for a long, long time (7 months online, first met in real life in October) and he’s, refreshingly, not a very flashy person in light of what he’s accomplished as a seasoned blogger. Sure, he wore a suit around on the first day of CES this year but he proceeded to sit on the floor of the press room, getting cookie crumbs and a lonely meatball all over his pants. Read More

  • CG Editor John Biggs in New York Times (twice!)

    It’s a proud day for as our own intrepid Editor-in-Chief, John "Key Krusher" Biggs has been published on The New York Times’ web site with two eyeball-melting articles about personal technology devices. Take a hit off of the Lenovo ThinkStation D10 if you’re nasty or chill out with the Nokia N82 if you wanna slow things down a bit. Either way… Read More