• Fisher Price's clever Bigfoot Robot

    Who doesn’t like Bigfoot. Nobody, that’s who. I got a chance to look at Mattel’s singing, dancing, and rolling Bigfoot robot. He can even throw balls at you and sleeps when he gets tired. Very, very cute. Read More

  • Bigfoot just barely edges out interest in new iPods

    Please examine our site visits for yesterday versus August 15th, 2008. Yesterday we covered the new iPods. August 15th, we covered the Bigfoot press conference. To be fair, these are just visits, not pageviews. We did more pageviews yesterday than we did with the Bigfoot stuff. Now imagine if Steve Jobs had Bigfoot as the special guest at the next Apple event. The internet would probably melt. Read More

  • Bigfoot finding a hoax? Say it ain’t so! It is so, though

      Just received a big, long comment on our original Bigfoot post (found here) concerning the events that have taken place over the past week or so. Would you believe that this whole Bigfoot thing is looking more and more like a hoax? Can you believe it?!! Looks like the Bigfoot’s foot was apparently made of rubber and that a sample of the creature’s hair, when burned… Read More

  • My day with Bigfoot

    The alarm goes off, and my daily routine begins. Out of bed, into the shower, wash, brush, dress. From there, it’s straight into the Crunchgear writer chatroom. Greg K. has entered the room
    Greg K. Good morning, party people.
    Doug A. happy Bigfoot day, Greg Crap. Today was the day of Bigfoot press conference. I wanted to use Qik to share the conference with the world, but I still… Read More

  • Live at the Bigfoot press conference

    Our own Greg Kumparak is live at the Bigfoot press conference we told you about the other day. Remember? They found and captured Bigfoot? Hit the jump to watch… Read More

  • Real Bigfoot carcass to be shown this Friday…or not

    See that photo there? That comes from the web site Searching For Bigfoot. Don’t bother going there right now. There’s nothing there except a note to check back later “for a big announcement.” The photo is supposedly the body of a real-life Bigfoot, although our own Greg Kumparak says it “looks like a F-ing carpet thrown into a bath tub with a Chewbacca mask on… Read More