• Big In Japan Snatches Snappr From The Grave For Better Barcode Scanning

    Using the combination of camera and software on today’s smartphones to read barcodes is becoming increasingly popular. Want proof? Look no further than Google, which is building it into their own Android devices. And Microsoft, which is even offering such software on rival phones by Google and Apple. Today, one of the big players in this space, Big In Japan, is announcing the acquisition… Read More

  • Over A Year After Android Launch, ShopSavvy Finally Comes To The iPhone

    ShopSavvy was one of the best early Android applications. It launched in October of last year after winning one of the initial Android Developer Challenge top prizes (when it was still known as GoCart). But despite the success it has seen on Android, one question remained: When would it be available for the iPhone. Today, it finally is. Developed by the guys at Big In Japan, ShopSavvy is an… Read More

  • Big In Japan Has A Massive Goal: 100 iPhone Apps In A Year

    As the number of apps in the App Store rapidly approaches 100,000, the fact that growth is still accelerating is pretty staggering. It’s not hard to see why when app development houses are pumping out dozens of apps in short order. But at that volume, most of those apps aren’t going to be very good. Big in Japan, a respected mobile app development house, has a plan to up the ante… Read More

  • The New ShopSavvy: Faster, Bigger, Stronger

    The development house Big In Japan has just rolled out its 3.5 update to its ShopSavvy Android app. ShopSavvy is the useful app that allows you to use an Android phone’s camera to scan barcodes and get pricing information. More importantly, it allows you to compare prices of that item to prices on the web, where you’ll many times find a better deal. This new update which the team… Read More

  • More Android Video Reviews (Barcode Scanners, Skype Client, Drawing)

    Since most of you don’t have an Android G1 phone, we are featuring some video reviews from the AppVee crew to show you what you are missing (or not, depending on your point of view). You can watch the first ten video reviews in an earlier post. Below are five more, two of which are on my top ten (ShopSavvy and iSkoot for Skype). One of the most potentially useful set of apps on Android… Read More

  • Big In Japan Open Sources RSS Tools, ElfURL

    Dallas, Texas based social media consultancy Big in Japan has announced that it’s open sourcing the code to several of its very handy little web tools. The company says the tools have proven impractical to keep up to date by themselves and a diversion from paid client work. Fair enough. I hope other people will make use of the newly accessible code and make these tools even cooler. Read More

  • Get Ready for PodServe (and more)

    Brian Oberkirch from Weblogswork gave me a demo of PodServe today. If you are a podcaster, or want to be, there are some features that you are going to be really interested in trying out. As I see it there are three important features of note. First, PodServe is a place where podcasters can host their podcasts for free. You simply create a channel and all of your podcasts are included. Read More