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Burgerbot startup Creator hires inventor of Boston Dynamics’ Big Dog

Disney Imagineering animatronics wizard Dr. Martin Buehler is a legend in the robotics world. His work leading development of the galloping Big Dog quadruped at Boston Dynamics both inspired and terri

See Spot dance: Watch a Boston Dynamics robot get a little funky

[youtube=] In this fun video the Boston Dynamics Spot dances, wiggles, and shimmies right into our hearts. This little four-legged robot – a smaller si

GOAT legs will let future robots handle rough terrain with ease

A Master’s Thesis by CMU’s Simon Kalouche posits a new form of robotic leg, one designed for maximum range of motion and, more importantly, an easily control method for force reduction. In

Google Buys Boston Dynamics, Creator Of Big Dog

Google announced that they've acquired <a href="">Boston Dynamics</a>, creators of quad- and bi-pedal robots like <a href="

The Budgee Bot Can Help You Bear Your Burden

Kill your mule because <a target="_blank" href="">Budgee Bot</a> is the first consumer-oriented pack-bot designed for the average user. This twee li

Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs

Welcome to our continuing series featuring videos of robots that will, when they become autonomous, hunt us down and force us to work in the graphene factories of Mars. Below we see Wild Cat, a fully

PETMAN Is A Humanoid Robot That Could Probably Walk Big Dog

PETMAN is a humanoid robot made by Boston Dynamics. BD also created Big Dog, the quadrupedal, <a href="

Big Dog Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks, Thereby Making It The Scariest Robot Ever

While I'm sure there's some scientific reason for demonstrating how the quadrupedal Big Dog can pick up and throw cinder blocks across a workshop ("Ahem, urm, we're showing how the mass of the brick h

Watch Out, Big Dog: Swiss University Builds An Improved Quadrupedal Robot

<a href="">Big Dog</a> is the huge quadrupedal robot that stomped its way into our hearts a few years ago with its wild gait and hydraulic whine. Now, however, there'

Big Dog, now with more killing power

[youtube] So the dudes at Boston Dynamics have finally added weapons to the Big Dog, America’s favorite scary striding ro

Video: BigDog Beta

[youtube] And you thought BigDog was scary.