big brother

  • Spotlight GPS is Big Brother for your pets (in a good way!)

    Do you have a dog that constantly gets away from you? Do you hate chasing your dog through your neighborhood, your cheeks burning with shame as your neighbors watch you yet again running down the street in your socks? If so, a new GPS-based pet location service may be worth your time. Read More

  • New service enables total control of factory workers

    In principle, any advance in any field of technology is welcome, but I have my doubts about this new service developed by a Japanese company called DSS. It’s basically aimed at establishing a “big brother”-like control system [JP, PDF] within factories. Read More

  • Big Brother takes taxi to Beijing Olympics

    Just add it to the list. Hotel rooms, offices, residencies and now taxi cabs. Visitors to China will be closely watched, monitored and recorded. As the U.S. State Department has said: All visitors should be aware that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public or private locations. Microphones have been installed in most of Beijing’s 70,000 cabs. Integrated with GPS, the… Read More

  • RFID services moving closer into the retailing mainstream

    The EU-funded SMART project is looking to finalize the technological hurdles that have hindered the widespread acceptance of the data containing tags. Utilizing radio waves, the information can be shared at a distance. Read More

  • Spyware company Gator sheds its skin yet again

    So there’s this new startup called NebuAd. I know, sounds promising already, right? Well, NebuAd does packet inspection, tracking users, the sites they go to, the ads they click, and so on. Not such a big deal, I’d say, but of course that’s just their side of the story. It seems that NebuAd is really the latest incarnation of Gator/Gain/Claria, the well-known but… Read More

  • Comcast testing technology to watch you watch it watching you

    [photopress:130_126big_brother_is_watching_you_posters.jpg,full,center] Not to frighten everyone, but word is Comcast is going to put cameras on its set-top cable boxes to know who in your house is watching what. It’s on the surface not much of a Big Brother fright but more of a personalization tool. The idea is that the camera would be attached to software that can detect who’s in… Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo Releases 3G Big Brother Mobile

    Watch out Japan, your healthy unhealthy addiction to porn is being curbed by NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA F903iBSC(wtf) “business-use” mobile phone. The mobile is being launched in response to information leaks and non-work related use of corporate issued devices. NTT is really putting the squeeze on this one because the camera, external camera, USB/IR ports and e-wallet services… Read More

  • SnoopStick: A Big Brother for the Only Child

    If you’re one of those stern parents worthy of being called a fascist, then allow me to direct your attention to the SnoopStick. This USB device comes imbued with software that allows you to monitor remote systems. Simply plug the SnoopStick into a PC that needs spying and 60 seconds later its compromised and you can snoop on it from anywhere. The software is completely invisible, so… Read More