The Tenways CGO 600 is a very serviceable, urban, belt-drive e-bike, great for commutes

Tenways is an e-bike maker which has launched its first model, the CGO 600, on Indiegogo. Priced at around $1,400 this is a relatively affordable e-bike in the scheme of things, and has plenty of feat

Superstrata opens pre-orders on a pair of 3D-printed bicycles

There’s one thing I can’t stop thinking about every time I look at the Superstrata: Just how quickly the thing would get stolen. That’s no knock against the bike itself — in fact, it’s proba

This entrepreneur is donating unwanted bike-sharing cycles to underprivileged students in Myanmar

What is the world to do with the graveyards of dockless bicycles left over after China’s bike sharing startups retreated from global markets? One man has come up with the best idea to date: dona

The Lucnt SRL1 is a smart bike light for smarter people

When is a bike light not a bike light? When it turns itself off automatically and can signal that you’re braking even before you stop. The Lucnt SRL1 is just that kind of light. Created by a pai

Lithium Cycles’ Super 73 Scout proves the simplest e-bike can be the most fun in city streets

This past weekend I ditched my electric skateboards and decided to risk my life testing a whole new and evolving category of personal electric vehicles: e-bikes. Lithium Cycles is one such maker of e-

BART is testing Bikeep’s smart bike locks

There are few feelings worse than returning to the spot you locked up your bike after a fun evening and seeing nothing. As a San Francisco cyclist, I’ve had my stomach sink more than once at tha

LeEco’s Super Bike isn’t electric, but it sure has a lot of gadgets attached

The LeEco Super Bike may be the perfect analogy for the company that created it. It’s a strange amalgamation that patches together a lot of disparate ideas in a less than elegant way. It’s clearly

Priority Cycles’ latest Kickstarter is the Coast, a rust-proof surf bike

This past week I made it my mission to see what was going on in downtown Manhattan. A well-timed email here, a hastily caught train there, and I found myself at the headquarters of Priority Cycles --

Rent A Bike Near You At The Touch Of A Button

If you’re like me and find Citi Bike to be a relatively expensive transportation option, Skyride may be right up your alley. The creators of Skylock, Velo Labs, announced details about their new

The Raspberry Pi Dynamic Headlight Can Tell You How Fast You’re Cycling

A Brooklynite named <a target="_blank" href="">Matt Richardson</a> has built a working prototype of a bicycle headlight that uses a Raspberry Pi to project his current travel

FlyKly Electric Bikes Are Coming To San Francisco

Electric bike maker <a href="">FlyKly</a> is <a href="">bringing</a> its stylish, powerful and eco-friendly bikes to San Francisco after havi

The Stemie – You'd Be Nuts To Ride Without One

<img src="" />There's nothing worse then having a bicycle accident when you're riding balls-out. Not only do you take a nasty spill,

Meet The Bicycle That Fits In A Briefcase

<img src="" />When you say "foldable bicycle", the first thing that comes to mind are those ugly little things with small

Prototype Electric Motor Works With Any Bicycle

<img src="" alt="" title="CopenhagenWheel" width="620" height="499" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-172453" />MIT students

Apple Applies For Bicycle Computer Patent

It looks like Apple is working on a new project. If nothing else, we know they are thinking about it due to a patent that was published today. So what’s the new project? Some type of bicycle com

Ride the City app helps you to not die on your bicycle

<img src="" />Let's be honest; riding a bicycle is a great way to save money and the environment, but it can be dangerou

Hotel lets patrons pedal for their supper

<img src="" />Here's a surprisingly green idea from a hotel in Copenhagen. The ultra-modern Crowne Plaza Co

Rat Rod bikes – the bicycle as art?

<img src="" />Living in Nevada, I get to see all kinds of art projects on the road as Burning Man approaches. I will admit h

Nine mechanical engineers build a spokeless bicycle

<img src="" />Nine mechanical engineering majors had a dilemma: what do you do for your mechanical design class when you only have a semes

Yamaha Japan announces 5 new electric bikes

<img src="" /> While electric bikes are gaining <a href="">mor
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